Colorin’ nails in a New Orleans kitchen with pink champagne since 2011…

I started this site after falling in love with nubar 2010 (still love you forever nubar, you my boo!). It was an odd one-off buy for me, but I’d seen a picture of the polish online and just had to have it. It was around that time that I also started paying attention to all of the fun things people were doing with nail polish, so much more than simply painting them, and I got inspired to try it myself. And what I discovered was this:

Painting my nails is just about the best creative therapy.

Running my own business and working from home (A LOT — something about the “convenience” of always being near work can quickly turn into marathon days where around dinnertime you realize you haven’t showered, eaten, done much of anything other than service clients) makes it really easy for my to indulge this hobby. And while some days it may feel like getting a nail design thrown together is just one more task to add to the to-do list, as soon as I unhinge from the computer and pick up the brushes I feel myself go to my happy creative place. There’s something about focusing on something so simple that wipes out all the other junk, and allows me to do something colorful and pretty without an editor (this is rare in my world: I love my job, I really do, but it definitely sucks when you create something that you think is amazing and somebody else changes it to the point of pure crap).

So I try to make room for doing my nails every day. Doesn’t always work out — if all of my clients need something all at once, or if I’m off running amok with friends (yes, I do have a life too outside of work and nails!) I may miss a day or two… but I really do miss it, you know?

Some people have model airplanes, knitting, gardening… whatever it is that gets you into that calm, easy place… I have my nails.

It’s fun. Like I said, it’s been awhile now and I’ve learned a ton: there are a lot of great bloggers out there (check out the Going Off page) who have shared ideas and tutorials that taught me all of these great fundamentals to nail art, and have been incredibly supportive and kind. I hope I’ve been able to give a little bit of that back over time. I also hope to be doing this for the foreseeable future, and am excited to learn more and improve my skills.

A quick note about crediting etc.

I know a lot of ladies online are super concerned with crediting inspiration and referring to sources. I don’t care if you redo anything you see on this site, and don’t really need/want the credit (though if you do link back there’s a better chance I’ll see your post) — I mean, I WANT you to try this stuff, but giving me credit isn’t what’s important… do you, and have fun! Barbara Grizzuti Harrison once said “there are no original ideas, there are only original people” and I for one believe her. I’ve put my URL on the images because (duh) those are obviously mine mine mine (so don’t be a jerk and say they’re yours, ok?) but outside of re-publishing all of my work without permission I’m not really invested in defending the sanctity of Nail Nerd or whatever.

The flip side of that coin is that I don’t think to credit things unless I’m consciously and specifically recreating someone else’s work; I think we’re all seeing the same designs, ideas, polishes and techniques, and part of that collective exploration is a circuitous network of inspiration. But I also don’t want to upset anyone (and even entirely avoid some blogs/sites simply so I don’t risk accidentally using any of their elements or techniques) so if you feel I’ve directly copied something off of you and want credit, please just send me an email!

As always, if you have any feedback, questions, whatever, please feel free to reach out…   I know all of this stuff can be crazy intimidating when you first start out, and even that my site is really a big bag of nutso at this point if you’re looking for one specific thing, but I’m ALWAYS available and willing to help out if you’ve got a question about how to do something or having problems executing a design/idea.  Seriously.  Just email me, I’m always connected to this dang thing even if I’m not posting on the site.

And thanks for visiting!
(here’s even more Nail Nerd stuff if you’re curious)

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