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January 11, 2012
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This was more from the unused stash — started with a two coat base of OPI Warm & Fozzie (sort of thin in one coat but was well covered in two for a glitzy golden finish) then swiped over it with the plum shatter of OPI Super Bass Shatter (also from the Minaj collection).  Still unsure of where it was going, I put down groups of these little green dotty beads… and then went nuts with the blue teardrop rhinestones.  At least I had the sense to stop before getting to the fingertips (there’s something that bugs me about having stuff right near the tip, like when you’re trying to pull your hair back and your nails start fighting the process).  But standing back from it the whole thing struck me as a bit victorian-lamp style, that blue sparkle in a corner of a room somewhere covered in velvet tapestry walls or something.

OPI Super Bass Shatter

OPI Warm & Fozzie

Rhinestone manicure

nail art rhinestones

12 Responses

  1. Aren says:

    Arrrrgh. Even the *idea* of having things sticking off my nails–getting caught on things and feeling all lumpy–freaks me out. I can’t even do, like, super chunky glitters (like the kinds with stars or hearts or whatever), ’cause it just feels to WEIRD.

    That said, I love the way this came together on YOU. The little clusters of beads are so cute. You’re right, it does look very Victorian!

  2. DalaLuz says:

    O wow…. Gorgeous!

  3. Kayleigh says:

    So pretty, it totally does have a Victorian antique feel to it – really unique!! <3

  4. rins says:

    This looks gorgeous and elegant. I love how the crystals were arranged.

  5. I love effect of the embellishments. Fancy!

  6. Nailderella says:

    This is really beautiful!

  7. Helen says:

    Oooh I just ordered some of those little beads! Are they easy to stick on? Love the colour of these, fab!

  8. the nerd says:

    Thank you ladies! It felt very fancyschmancy wearing these around.

    Aren, totally right there with you! These manis never last long, I get bugged out by the height of the nail and snag-ability. :-D

    Helen, the bullion’s were pretty easy; I used a slow-drying topcoat to set these so I had time to cluster and place them before the polish dried, but you could use glues to fix them on too (and then just cover that with topcoat).

  9. Kyra D says:

    Oh I just love these!!!! They are so elegant and lovely!! I wish you could do my nails!!!

  10. VEI says:

    I love this nail and the way you use cubics
    I don’t used to like crack nails but this is awesome ever!

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