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October 12, 2011
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Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na,, na, na, na, na, Batman!

Aren may have mentioned something yesterday about Batman… And I may have not been able to sleep last night… sooooooo BATMAN!  And Robin, Poison Ivy (originally modeled after Bettie Page, her first kiss is poison, the second is the antidote!) and the logo…

It’s all acrylic paint on a bed of Sinful Colors Snow Me White so there isn’t really any polish to gab about here, it’s just straight up paintin’ with a topcoat to seal it in.  There were a couple of spots that were frustrating but overall, and especially for the amount of time it took, I’m pretty psyched on the end result.  I’m starting to appreciate the difference between using acrylics and nail polish for this detailed stuff; my heart will always belong to nail polish and I obviously prefer it 100x over tubes of paint, BUT the paint does tend to stay where it’s put a lot better, and doesn’t dry near as fast so you can really work it around if you need to.  Also thinking I should invest in a good desk or swivel lamp since I’m doing all of this at night in a room with 12 foot ceiling overhead lights and nothing else… so I look at it and gloss it and it seems all good, and then the sun comes up and I’m like “oh, yep, shoulda cleaned up those lines more.”  I’ll have to put a light in next month’s Nail Nerd budget. :)

batman nail art

batman nails

batman manicure

poison ivy nails

24 Responses

  1. Kejal says:

    Wow!! Is this soo awesome! Baatmannnn ting ding ting ding baaatmannn

  2. Maria says:

    WOW! I hope this one deserves to live for more than a few hours, haha. I love poison ivy!

  3. nail crazy says:

    amazing :-D
    you’re so good in drawing :-D

  4. Aren says:

    Ho. Lee. Crap.


  5. Rach says:

    Love the nails! Love Batman! :D You did a great job, overhead lighting or no.

  6. the nerd says:

    oh Aren, as long as it made yer morning, we’re good! And thank you ladies! :-D They seriously took me over an hour, but it was a lot of fun. If anybody has any other ideas/challenges you want to throw my way feel free to holler — I don’t know if/when I would’ve ever gotten to Batman without Aren mentioning it.

  7. Aren says:

    This was seriously such an awesome way to start my day. Gold star for you!

    Your blog always makes me miss the little paintings I used to do on my nails (or lighters) with nail polish–the tiny Gameboy on my thumb was probably my favorite. But I always just stuck with using the actual polish brush and maybe a toothpick if I needed detail work. I never bothered using a “real” brush, ’cause I was scared I’d ruin the bristles. : (

  8. Fingers says:

    This is amazing! You really have a lot of talent! How about doing the Smurfs?

  9. Erika says:

    I love these!! superhero nails are awesome!! :D

  10. Jessica says:

    These are amazing!
    I wish I could paint this well! I’m a high school teacher, and it’s homecoming week. Today is Superhero Day so I just did the comic book style nails with Kapows and such.

  11. Nailderella says:

    wow, your nail art are always amazing! I’m so impressed!

    btw, thanks for telling me about the sale on Llarowe….I’ve seen it but I’ve never really understood how it works…Are they cheaper during this period of time? …how much?
    Thanks <3

  12. Emily says:

    nail nerd, I tried to send you an email, but the click email here, opens link thing doesn’t work on my computer.
    Can you please email me at oath.to.emily@gmail.com
    I want to share something with you!

  13. KarenD says:

    Just wow–you are so talented!

  14. the nerd says:

    You guys are the best, no lie! :-D

    Smurfs are a GREAT idea, I’m on it — pretty sure smurfy blue fingers will follow too.

    Aren, please tell me you have pictures of those old nails!!!

    Jessica, totally jealous of your Superhero Day: I have no idea how that actually works in a high school but I hope it involves a ton of capes, leaping, and sound effects!

    And Nailderella, I’ve only ordered from them a few times so I’m not sure how it always works with Llarowe, but I think the first time I noticed the sale prices was when I went to go buy a couple more bottles the other night and got really excited that some of them are $2 off. They’ve also got listings up there for new polishes they’re expecting to get in within the next couple of weeks; you can buy it now but (as I understand it) the products won’t actually ship until they get them… Worth the wait though, they really do have an exceptional selection of products! http://shop.llarowe.com

  15. Elisabeth says:

    Ohh These are so beautyful! I don´t get how you can do those nails! You are really good ;)

  16. Wow, you are so good at this. Well done, love it : )

  17. Alexis says:

    Holy shit! You’re amazing. Seriously.. you need to know this. You’re so talented!


  18. BEAUXSMOM says:

    looks awesome! your very talented the batman one is super cool!

  19. Nailderella says:

    OK, thanks for your answer!! ;D

  20. DalaLuz says:

    A W E S O M E !!!!!!

  21. Desi says:

    So awesome!

  22. typhoid_Holli says:

    Dude! Ooh can you do Harley Quinn Nails? :0D


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