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December 13, 2012
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My infinitely talented and wonderful friend launched a new game earlier this month called BlastWords, a super-styled word game for iPad (they’re working like mad to get an Android version out, so that should be coming soon).  In honor of the completion of this long project, I give you BlastWords nails!

The base on this is the wowzers gold of OPI Goldeneye — holy moly is that ever a blingy number.  It’s a mess of glitter bits that just goes crazy under any light, I couldn’t stop looking at it after getting three coats down (the first coat is a little thin, but may be good for a final stroke over another color too since you’d still get the base color to shine through).  With that dried, I used acrylic paint to add in “PLAY” from the game’s word table, plus one of the bombs and a real weaksauce attempt at a couple of the gears (I got totally lost in the colors with this, and a little crosseyed with all the gold and yellow in that corner… maybe if you squint a little it looks better).

word games

OPI Goldeneye

game nail art

game nails

If you like word games, spending free time playing on your iPad, or even just supporting awesome people (trust me, dude’s certifiably the best), download a copy now over at iTunes!  You can like Studio332 on Facebook too if you enjoy the game.  :)

The Legend of BlastWords

BlastWords screenshot

BlastWords Studio332

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