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July 9, 2011

Started with a base coat of Milani Neon Dude Blue which, unlike its pink sister color, went on perfectly in a single coat.  Taped it off in crisscrossing Xs then went over it with a coat of nubar Passionate Purple.

nubar Passionate Purple

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  1. jennifer says:

    Is there a special tape you use to do this? ALso, do you recommend any polish remover? I always have a hard time getting the glitter off!

  2. the nerd says:

    For taping I like to use masking tape and then cut it into the strip size that I want to use — I find it’s a little less tacky than scotch tape (but you can use that too, just do yourself a favor and lay it against your skin once before putting it on your nail in order to dull some of its stickiness, that way it won’t pull up the polish you’re placing it on).

    And oh gosh yes the glitter… I use the standard non-acetone/nail strengthening type you find at the drugstore, so nothing all that special really. With glitter I know a lot of people will apply nail polish remover and then wrap their fingers in tin foil, but I seriously can’t stand tin foil (it’s a weird texture thing, I don’t know, I’m party crazy). If a glitter is a huge pain in the butt to remove, I’ll either douse a makeup removing pad in nail polish remover and hold it against my nail for a few minutes, or just soak my finger in a little jar of polish remover for awhile… after being exposed to the remover for minutes at a time the base of your glitter polish should dissolve down and then you can just wipe it off (and shouldn’t eat up your nail surface like it would if you sat there rubbing it over and over again, digging the edges of the glitter into your nail).

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