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October 25, 2011
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This is another one of those “need to see what these polishes can do” manis — started with a white base and then laid down 2 coats of the super pearly Orly Rock Candy; it’s ultra sheer so not really one that stands on its own without a bunch of coats, but over a base it’s got a beautiful finish.  Sadly, I fell asleep on the couch after that second coat and a blanket/somethin’ smudged up the finish on the first two fingers… but there’s no turning back once you’ve already got 3 established layers down so I soldiered on, put a couple of black bands on the nails, then filled those with OPI Yodel Me On My Cell (I’m a big goof and forgot I already had this one, whoops) and OPI Gone Gonzo!  I’ll be the first to admit this is a really sloppy mani — I pretty much gave up when I realized I’d mussed two of the fingers while sleeping — so I powered through the colors without any concern for detail… and it shows.  :)

Blue Sparkle Band Nails

OPI Gone Gonzo!

Orly Rock Candy

OPI  Yodel Me On My Cell

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9 Responses

  1. rock-or-not says:

    A really classy effect!
    I love it!

  2. Olivia C. says:

    I really like it! But I hate when I smudge my nails. I’m always looking at them & wanting to fix it. haha

  3. denise says:

    I love me some rock candy! Especially over black, it’s a totally different polish.

  4. MEG says:

    I think it looks great – even if you say it looks sloppy. I was going to ask if that polish looks kinda wrinkly (sometimes they look like that in the bottle) but then I actually *read* your post. LOL Oh, and BTW, I want to respond to your comments on my blog but you don’t have your response email tied to your profile. :(

  5. gottwinkies says:

    You know, I love this mani even with the oops! Lol I love that I am not the only couch napper….glad you finished this one!

  6. Chelsea says:

    What Olivia said! lol. I hate when I smudge my nails and I always feel like if it does get smudged and then I redo it, it smudges again I just give up cause I know it will happen again lol. So when I do smudge it I just leave it lol.

  7. Helga says:

    This is really pretty!

  8. the nerd says:

    Yikes, sorry Meg! My email is nailme@nailnerd.com if ya ever need to reach out.

    SUCH a couch napper, I think it’s hereditary! I remember my grandma doing it all the time, she’s lay down while watching TV and everybody would be all “don’t get horizontal, you’re gonna fall asleep!” “nah, I’m fine” … five minutes later you’d hear her snoring. I do this CONSTANTLY.

    I’m trying to spin a way to make smudging the new crackle effect. :-D

  9. Claire says:

    Love the design and its ok don’t worry about it everybody smudges their nails…like me lol

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