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September 23, 2011

The lady at the counter at the drugstore hooked me up this week with some coupons and I ended up getting some of the Sally and Wet n Wild polishes for $1 a pop, so this here manicure accounts for… $3.  The base is 2 coats of Wet n Wild Blue Moon, a deep shimmer number, then I used Sally Hansen Limestone and Wet n Wild Silvivor to add some paint splatters.  Which is super easy BTW — just put a blob of polish on your nail and use a pointed tool (or toothpick or needle or whatever) to drag little splat lines out from the blob.  Just keep in mind that the more polish you blob the longer it’s going to take to dry…

splatter tip nails

Wet n Wild Silvivor

Wet n Wild Blue Moon

Sally Hansen Limestone

12 Responses

  1. Olivia C. says:

    So cute! I really want to try this out. :)

  2. Aithne says:

    omg i want to try this! ty for sharing, it looks great!

  3. Kejal says:

    cute!! reminds me how i used to paint

  4. BEAUXSMOM says:

    very cool, thanks for sharing i wanna try this!

  5. Chelsea says:

    That’s really cute! I wish I could do that! lol

  6. nail crazy says:

    great! love the colors you’ve choose for this mani :-D

  7. Alexis says:

    Does sound super easy!! Wow, I love. I have to try this!


  8. I just love these!! Amazing!! XOXO

  9. Aren says:

    Oh, man, I would’ve been so tempted to alternate the blue base with a red one, and then do the splats over that and call it a Double Dare mani.

  10. the nerd says:

    !!!!!!!!! YES! Aren, torch is on your hands now, make it happen!

  11. Kayleigh says:

    Wicked mani, love the colours and the fact you just did the tips with splatter, unique take on the splatter idea!

  12. the lefty says:

    i think i will try this for new years! putting the year on my nails seems a bit too popular for me. thanks again for the idea!

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