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February 19, 2013
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Holding off the more nutso manicures til I’m feeling better, went with something simple — and that I haven’t done in ages — today: taping!  The base on this is two coats of OPI Moonraker, a gobsmacking gorgeous gunmetal number that was nearly perfect in one coat, but I erred on the safe side and went for two.  With that *completely* dry, I used some masking tape to block off a narrow dagger on each nail, and then sponge around with OPI Live And Let Die and Chermioya Vernis Classique’s Armageddon; I’m not sure they played perfectly together as the black jelly of the Cherimoya overtook most of the grey-green touch from the OPI, but as they were done in light and random sponges it made for a sort of antiqued effect.  And because I can’t leave well enough alone, I used some of the leftover rhinestones from Mardi Gras masks to add some bling over the middle finger (they’re larger than manicure rhinestones, but they also don’t sit quite as high on the nail, so it’s sort of a wash preference-wise).

OPI Moonraker

Chermioya Vernis Classique Armageddon

OPI Live And Let Die

rhinestone nail art

Also, fixin’ on doing a sort of grab-all nail session this Friday if anybody local is interested; sort of dependent on whether or not I’m a snotbucket or not (nobody likes a sharer when it comes to being sick), but if you wanna come by to do your nails just drop me an email!

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