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October 26, 2011
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I got this package in today of an assortment of two way nail art pen & brushes by Nail Star from South Korea — each one has a striper brush applicator and on the other end a sort of hollow pen-nib to dispense polish (like icing a cake where you need to be mindful of the amount of squeeze you’re applying but once you get that trick down it’s a cakewalk (oh yeah, that was punny, you’re welcome)).  AND since I’ve been sitting on the idea to do Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem based on these illustrations by Michael De Pippo, it seemed like this design might be a good chance to test out the applicators.

Kinda kicking myself for not picking these up before.

Nail Star nail polish

Not because the polish is great — it sucks if we’re being honest.  Remember those tubs of slime you could buy as a kid?  It’s sort of like that; it manages to be thick and stringy and seethrough at the same time… it’s got a snot consistency really.  So it goes on heavy without providing a solid cover, and globs up inexplicably as you’re using the brush.

Oh, and the brush… brush sucks too.  They’re all different sizes across the bottles, and while I was using the yellow one some of the bristles actually came right off on my nail.  A whole chunk, not just one stray bristle.

But you know what IS great?  The pen end.  Seriously, if I could buy this sort of applicator and fill it with all my favorite polishes I’m pretty sure I could throw away most of my nail art brushes.  Aside from the larger color fill sections, this was all done with the pen tip of the applicator.  It doesn’t behave the way a regular pen does where you can just press down and draw, but with a stippling effect I was able to pull and precisely-dot polish into areas that would make me cross-eyed using a brush.  And that, my lovelies, trumps the other two problems that would otherwise find this bag of polish in the trash.

The colors aren’t precisely on point to match the illustrations (there were only so many to choose from) and the dry time was way long (gave it over an hour before going in with the topcoat) but overall?  Psyched on the result.  From pinky to index you’ve got Zoot, Floyd Pepper, Janice and Dr. Teeth.

“Hey nerd, where’s ANIMAL??!!”  Oh don’t you worry, he’s got his very own manicure in the works — all that crazy can’t be contained in one nail!

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem nails

Zoot muppet

Floyd Pepper nails

muppet nail art

electric mayhem nails

14 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    Oh, I’ve been waffling back and forth on those for a while! Were they expensive? Do you recommend a certain seller? (Also, I wish I could subscribe to email notifications for comments on your posts!)

  2. Alexis says:

    Ok. Can I come over and play and you can do this manicure on me? Yes! Awesome be right over!


  3. the nerd says:

    I know, I waffled too! If it weren’t for the pen nib end I’d be pissed that I did, but that completely redeemed them… They were actually way cheap for the bundle — I ordered mine off of eBay for $21:


    With overseas shipping it took a couple of weeks to get here, but worth it!!! I’ll work on getting the comment feed thing active too. ;-)

  4. the nerd says:

    Haha Alexis, I’ll leave the light on! Just remember if you ever want to book a New Orleans vacation my collection and I will be here to play!

  5. Jaimi says:

    Awesome! I love the Muppet Show. Though now I’m curious…what did you do on your thumb?

  6. Amanda says:

    Try Migi Nail art pens. They’re pretty awesome, and once the prepackaged polish runs out, rinse with polish remover and fill with whatever polish! Plus, each set you buy comes with free refills for life. Awesome Sauce!

  7. Kirshten says:

    Awesome!! I wish I had these! I love the nail art its so bright and colorful!! :D

  8. Meg says:

    Those are pretty damned awesome, girl! Too bad the polish isn’t too great – even though your end results are great! WTG!!

  9. Gottwinkies says:

    YAY! Animal will have his own mani!!! What did you do on your thumbs?! I LOVE the Muppets, and yes, I am over 10 …maybe.

  10. the nerd says:

    Thanks ladies! And pft, no worries, I’m still working on turning pre-teen over here, embrace the regression…. :)

    The thumb just had regular ol’ polish on it; that poor digit’s all sorts of sad right now between a break and then me jamming it into a drawer and the edge doing that weird split-y thing, so right now the thumb is off hiding from the world.

  11. Quixii says:

    I highly recommend Migi Nail Art Pens, especially if you like the pen tip. Migi’s polishes are great quality (in my experience) and come with a free refill thing. I use them all the time. :)

  12. Fingers says:

    You are so amazing at this nail art stuff! Really great!

  13. Aren says:

    Awesome, love it. Janice is SO my second favorite Muppet (after Kermit, of course). You did a great job. : )

  14. the nerd says:

    Yay and thanks guys! I will totally check out the Migi stuffs :)

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