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August 9, 2012
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One more for the stripe series, this one is a sort of hodgepodge of fall-ish colors. ┬áStarted with a two coat base of OPI Glitzerland (I’ve gushed on this one before, still stands up) then used some paint to add in variant stripes in autumnal green, red and orange hues. ┬áHaving covered a bit of the glitz of it all, I used a sparing coat of MASH Glitter in the crystal hue; I’m not certain these have official names (nothing on the bottle) but it’s from the glitter nail polish set on their site and really sort of lovely for all it’s mini-glitterness. ┬áSealed ‘er down with SV and there you have it!

Fall Stripe Nails

OPI Glitzerland

MASH glitter

fall manicure

fall nail art

5 Responses

  1. Gottwinkies says:

    Nerd, your stipes inspired me, lol…had to do my own stripey goodness. Yours definitely rank better, though! Awesome mani…love the sheerish glitter/shininess over the top, lol!

  2. Olivia C. says:

    I love this one! Makes me really ready for fall & fall colors! :)

  3. Gorgeous colors together, the green is kind of spring to me – but it makes all the other colors look extra nice!

  4. Helga says:

    Pretty and sparkly!

  5. Lena1998 says:

    Hi again!
    Any tips on getting the lines so neat?
    -Lena x

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