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July 30, 2012
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Startin’ the week off easy, the base on this is China Glaze Desert Sun — I can’t decide if it’s more brown or orange, so maybe it’s brange… but it’s a really pretty brange in two coats. ¬†Once that dried I sponged in a little bit of China Glaze I Herd That near the tips (lookit that sparkle!), then did a rimjob in black and sealed it all down with SV.

Framed Golden Sparkle Nails

China Glaze Desert Sun

rimjob nails

China Glaze I Herd That

6 Responses

  1. nail crazy says:

    love this ‘brange’ combo, awesome manicure :D

  2. Hannah says:

    Very striking and exotic! Now I want to go on a safari.

  3. Laura says:

    I love these, I don’t think I have a steady enough hand though!

    Nail Nerd please help, I want to do something striking with my nails on a “Scentsy” theme for convention this weekend, can you point me in the direction of something stunning and simple. Thanks x

    http://www.thescentsation.net/2012/07/scentsy-nail-art-challenge. (challenge is at bottom of the post)

  4. the nerd says:

    Thanks ladies! I wanna take a big, long, exotic trip too! :D

    Laura, I probably missed your deadline being offline, but I really like that gradient star in the logo and think it would be fun to use that on the nails (so ya just sparkle everywhere!)

  5. Laura says:

    Hey, this is a great looking manicure you’ve done! I do have one question though: Do you have any tips for doing the border? I tried doing this the other day but couldn’t get it to look that good. I even tried taping the edges off and creating a square and then rounding the corners out to make it look like yours but that didn’t work well either. I’ve also tried to freehand it with one of those nail art polishes with the extremely thin brushes and what do you know, I still couldn’t get it to look good… It’s so frustrating! I love the way this looks but can’t seem to figure it out =(

    • the nerd says:

      Hey Laura! Totally feel you, this can actually be a tricky one depending on what tools you’re using… Here’s your best bet: painting it in with acrylic paint or using a nail art pen.

      With acrylic paint, you can use a thin brush (or a toothpick even) to add the lines in, and the paint will stay just where you put it; if the line goes wonky while you’re adding it, you can also use a clean toothpick or orangewood stick to push it back into place (acrylic paint, when still a little wet, lets you scrape or push areas away or into place). That’s my favorite option of the two.

      Alternately, you can use a nail art pen (I think they’ve got these in the drugstores now, I’ve definitely seen them on sale at salons and spas) — because it’s got a little tiny tip that you’re just sort of squeezing polish out of, you can slowwwwly draw a border right around your nail and get really tight against the edges. It’s probably going to bleed out into your cuticle as you do it, but try to resist the urge to immediately clean that up. Just focus on drawing in the border, let your hands get a little messy, throw on a topcoat and THEN go in and clean the extra polish off your cuticles (getting that topcoat on first ensures that you’re not accidentally removing the border you just put in when you’re using the nail polish remover to clean up).

      Give ‘em a shot and let me know if it works — good luck, it’s a super fun look!

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