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October 25, 2011
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Anybody feel like they’re running out of time to do all the Halloween ideas?!  Sneaking in for the week before Halloween is Frankenstein’s monster and his bride, based on the old films and a couple of paintings of said monsters (can’t even remember where I found the paintings but they’re that solid 4-color stencil block type, perfect for transition to nails).  I put the monsters down first in acrylic over a white base then went through and put Barry M Tangerine over the other two nails/around the monsters.  Not sure what I think of the Barry M yet; I really like the color and shimmer, but was expecting the polish to be more of a cream/a good color-fill polish so when I found the polish to be a thin/transparent formula I couldn’t really adjust my expectation (but could NOT have pulled this out without a white base, so at least that was already in place).  I’m gonna shelf final decision on this puppy til I get the chance to try it out a few different ways, but I DO like the color!

Halloween nails

Barry M Tangerine

Frankenstein nail art

Frankenstein nails

8 Responses

  1. gottwinkies says:

    It’s a Monster Mash mani! Yay! Great job!

  2. Alexis says:

    You never cease to amaze me! I feel like I have no more ideas left. I’m at a standstill! Gah!


  3. Jossie says:

    Luv it!!! Classical remix!!

  4. the nerd says:

    Thanks ladies! Alexis, I’m still trying to find that wormhole to send you back to Oct 1, I know you’ve got it in ya!

  5. nail crazy says:

    what can i say that i didn’t said already?
    your skills always amaze me :-d

  6. Larson says:

    Ummm…. Why would you like such a bubly polish? Becasue I personaly *hate* bubbly polishes.

  7. the nerd says:

    I’m still trying to give it the benefit of the doubt/be open to the possibility that it was my rushing through it (having expected it to work in one coat and revising my gameplan to a couple, I definitely put the second coat on when the first was still wet) that screwed the pooch on this one…

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