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April 17, 2012
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This past weekend was one of those rare blocks of time that I really and truly take off of work — no “quick” tasks, no checking in via email, nada — and what a weekend to do it!  Over 500,000 people stormed the French Quarter in New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival Thursday through Sunday with stages set up all over town for miles playing some of the best music, and restaurants in their popup tents serving whatever you can set your stomach on (which speaks nothing of the drinks, oh lawdy).  After brunch on Sunday I biked down to the river with my friend and we spent hours winding around the city, stopping in bars, hanging out by the stages, and just generally feeling lucky to live here and have free festivals like this right outside your door.  I had planned to do these nails earlier but the past few days sort of got away from me, so here’s a little FQF love a couple of days late.

First, the base: China Glaze Electric Beat from the Electropop collection — once I got it on (two coats) I *almost* didn’t want to cover it up.  Almost.  It’s a great mid-range sort of blue; not so dark or muted that it loses its “sky” quality, but not so bright either that it’s a screaming Smurf about it.  Had to take a picture of it all by itself for posterity:

China Glaze Electric Beat

Then, of course, went and covered it all up in acrylic.  There’s a theme, see?

Crawfish on the pinky: saw the Zydepunks (lead fella knows 9 languages!) playing over by Esplanade/across from BMC and of course there was a crawfish boil from Rouses right near us, smelling up the whole joint with the unmistakably delicious scent of boiled mudbugs.

The FQF lamppost icon dude on the ring, because he’s a happy lookin’ little bugger.

Andrew Jackson statue in the middle: if you’ve been to New Orleans, you’re familiar with this statue from Jackson Square in the heart of the Quarter — stopped by here for a bit to catch what we could of The New Orleans Bingo Show.  And if you’ve not been up real close, you may not have noticed an unattributed quote at the foot of the statue, added by Gen. Benjamin Butler: ”The Union must and shall be preserved.”  You can read more about “The Beast” Butler and the state of New Orleans during the Civil War over here (interesting stuff if you’ve got the time).

Hotel Monteleone crest on the index (official sponsors of FQF): This past year the hotel completely renovated a ton of their common areas as part of their 125 year anniversary, including the delightful Carousel Bar — a full carousel that rotates slowly as you sit there nursing $15 cocktails (expensive, especially for this town, but somewhere between the concoctions, atmosphere and slow rotation of things it doesn’t seem so bad… can’t count how many night have ended here on the way home).

So thanks French Quarter Fest for another amazing year — can’t wait to see who comes out to play in 2013!

And don’t forget, less than a week left for the MASH giveaway, be sure to enter!

Hotel Monteleone

Jackson Square

French Quarter Festival Nails

French Quarter Fest

French Quarter New Orleans

(No, my fingers aren’t melting, the rain’s just a little relentless this afternoon and the overhang on the porch doesn’t do a great job of actually protecting one from the rain… so I got a little wet taking these pics.)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh wow – I’ve been following your blog for about a month or so now, and hadn’t realised you were from NOLA.

    I was there over the weekend for the Festival (just got back to London today). Sad I didn’t get to spy your nails in person.

    Happy to say my own holiday nail job (just a black lace foil over a basic red) lasted the whole week :D .

    • the nerd says:

      Well that just means you have to come back again! I was all over the place this weekend anyway and am miserable about finding people in crowds/fests unless I plan way in advance or just happen to bump into ya (because the day never goes as planned really and you’re never where you think you’re going to be by the end of the day).

      Hope you had a wonderful time though, the weather couldn’t have been any better for it — super glad all this rain held off til yesterday and everybody got a little Vitamin D in over the weekend!

      • Michelle says:

        …I’m not too proud to admit I got a bit teary about leaving. 5 nights wasn’t nearly enough to do your city justice.

        We mostly meandered around as well, mixing up the tourist stuff with the music. I loved how relaxed and open the festival was. I may have overdosed on snowballs and Abita beer while sitting on the grassy bits. And I loved how good the festival food stalls were. Local restaurants doing local cuisine rather than bland companies doing dogs and fries? I tip my hat to NOLA’s awesomeness.

        Weather was lovely! I did get myself a “British Tan” (ie – I may be slightly crawfish in colour…) despite my lashings of sunscreen, but it’s like a badge of honour.

        So glad we came to visit, and hope to be back soon.

        • the nerd says:

          Totally understand, it’s an easy city to love — great food, music, people that look you in the eye and smile warmly… it’s the jewel of the Mississippi if you ask me.

          Super glad you had such a good time (I got a little pink after the weekend too, figure it’s a nice base to a summer tan) and really do hope you’re able to come back! The running joke when people from out of town ask when it’s a good time to come visit: “pick any weekend.” There’s really and truly something fun and uniquely NOLA going on all of the time, you can’t miss… and if you’re not having a good time in New Orleans, well dangit, you’re just doing it wrong! ;)

  2. What a nice mani, and yes, it’s so nice to take time off from the computer and such I’m going to do that soon too :)

  3. mousiemomma says:

    lovely mani as always! i totally had no clue there was a festival in NOLA this past weekend…if i’d known, i would have tried to convince the hubs to drive us all down there! i’ve been to the city many times before, but he’s never been…maybe next year :)

    • the nerd says:

      Oh you’ve gotta bring him — and here’s the best part: there’s ALWAYS a fest going on, so even if last weekend didn’t pan out there are still tons of other reasons to get down here. I mean, these are just the big ones for the rest of the year:

      Old Algiers Riverfest
      French Quarter Festival
      Jazz & Heritage Festival
      Bayou Boogaloo
      N.O. Wine & Food Experience
      Greek Fest
      Cajun Zydeco Festival
      Creole Tomato Festival
      Essence Festival
      Running of the Bulls
      Tales of the Cocktail
      COOLinary New Orleans
      Satchmo SummerFest
      Whitney White Linen Night
      Red Dress Run
      Dirty Linen Night
      Southern Decadence
      New Orleans Seafood Festival
      Ponderosa Stomp
      New Orleans Film Festival
      Crescent City Blues &
      BBQ Festival
      Voodoo Music Experience
      Halloween in New Orleans
      Swamp Festival
      Fringe Festival
      Oak Street Po-Boy Festival
      Words and Music
      Christmas New Orleans Style
      New Year’s Eve

  4. Kaki says:

    Love the mani. I adore New Orleans, I’m so sad I missed the festival, but I’m sure I would have been totally overwhelmed! I had a crawfish boil today in my house to celebrate NO!

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