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June 7, 2012
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Got a request in to throw some peace signs and glitter on the nails — so put ‘em both together!  I’d already been running around all week wearing China Glaze Electric Beat (muted sort of pastel blue, the kind that can swing bright for a colorful mix or just be a striking non-neon-in-your-face blue all by itself, if that makes any sense).  So this afternoon while waiting for files to download/upload I went in with some black acrylic paint to add partial peace signs.  Partial because trying to make perfect full circles makes me nuts and black paint because I wanted a background for glitter to pop against.  Plus painting in the shapes first makes it easier to guide the glitter around.  So for the glitter, I used those little Nail Star pen/striper combos (striper tip — totally awful applicator, but it’s glitter, so whatever) and went over the black with a few different colors and layers to fill in as much as I could without overshooting the edges too much.

Thanks for the idea glitter-peace-peoples, it was nice to play with glitter on a rainy afternoon!

Glitter Peace Sign Nails

China Glaze Electric Beat

peace sign nail art

glitter peace

peace nails

5 Responses

  1. Kaki says:

    Awesome. I love that you used different colors of glitter.

  2. This is so lovely, the different kinds of glitter makes it so vibrant and almost “alive” – well done!

  3. Dina says:

    Love the blue colour as a background for this nail art. So pretty

  4. the nerd says:

    Thanks ladies! I like that it’s peace signs without being all in your face about it — you really had to look at the nail to see what was going on with the glitter.

  5. Helga says:

    Love it! They look so rainbowy :D

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