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January 14, 2013
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Sometimes you’ve just gotta make it sparkle, weather be damned.  STILL grey and blah down here — officially over it now — so sort of fitting that the base on this is Deborah Lippmann’s Stormy Weather.  Great in two coats (obviously), the color dances somewhere between charcoal and deep grey (I would say there’s a hint of gunmetal, but had such a long stupid argument once about gunmetal’s inherent blue qualities, so we’ll let that one ride….).  With that dry, I put on a coat of slow-drying clear coat, one of those cheapy drugstore numbers, and sprinkled diamond-shaped glitter chunks on each nail to see how they played on a darker color (sealing it down with Seche Vite when it was all done, of course).

Despite PACKING it on near the tip of the nail, you can really only tell that the pinky is a clearly different color than the others.  I used a peachy-pink glitter on the pinky, yellow-gold on the ring, blue for the middle and green for the index.  I think the green and yellow ones look like siblings, with the blue coming in a slight hue shift over, so the pinky’s kind of off on its own with this one… but still sparkly and fun, and super distracting while working today.

nail art glitter

Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather

nailart holo glitter

loose glitter nail art

7 Responses

  1. gottwinkies says:

    *sigh* I love a good glittah bomb!

  2. Flawless! I want to recreate this! Great job!

  3. Fingers says:

    I’m just gonna say that that base color is awesome! I’m not a glitter fan, although it’s cool that you used loose stuff for this.

  4. Kayla says:

    Hello Again! Greetings from Texas!!! LOOVVEE this mani!!! I was wondering though… I have some chnky glitter, but it’s in some really teen-insy bottles. Where di you get the big pots??

  5. These are so pretty! I love the diamond glitters!

  6. Lena1998 says:

    Hey Nerd!
    I’m trying to start my own fashion/beauty/nail art blog. Any tips on how to make it successful like yours?
    -Lena x

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