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March 29, 2012
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I’m not saying I went overboard or anything, but this is like a half-step away from completely rhinestone-covered nails.  I’ve been pulling a bunch of all nighters lately which doesn’t lend itself well to leaning over my hand for hours and painting, but it DOES work really well for layering a bunch of polishes/giving everything time to dry (swack on a coat, work for an hour, repeat, repeat, repeat).  So really this was just me distracting myself all night!

I started with (not that you can even tell anymore, but it’s there) a base of Kleancolor Metallic Black, then put down a coat of Barry M Lavender Hexograms, let that dry, put down another coat and — while it was still wet — dropped some random pink, purple and fuchsia rhinestones from Bundle Monster.  While that was drying, I took a second to appreciate how much it looked like my cell phone case (and yes, I’m a moth to anything glittery and/or purple, it’s a weakness I’m 100% okay with):

Barry M Lavender Hexograms

Gave that a couple of hours to dry — you know how you get that heavy-nail feeling?  these were dense before I even got to the final steps — and then used OPI Divine Swine to fill in even more glittery goodness.  Here was the thinking:  if I put the rhinestones down early on, I could build up more polish around/over them so they weren’t so exaggeratedly poked up on the nail. After the last couple of coats of glitter, I followed with another two rounds of Seche Vite; for those keeping track, we’re up to seven coats.  Still bumpy as all get out, which I expected, but I had to keep trying to even it a little more, so carefully filed down some of the SV over the rhinestones before piling on the FINAL topcoat.

Look, they’re thick and bumpy and all sorts of crazy… but I kind of love them.  Mostly because they keep glinting up from my (purple) keyboard as I type and it’s delightfully distracting.  And I like ridiculous things.

OPI Divine Swine

Bundle Monster rhinestones

purple glitter nails

9 Responses

  1. hahahha, you really, really did go overboard here – totally – but OHMG it totally works. I like to get distracted by things like that too, right now something withe, blue and gold is doing that to me ;)

  2. Ashesela says:


  3. Olivia says:

    Peeure Beeauty. I’m the kind girl that likes rhinestones. I also like purple. When combined…… there are no words good enough to explain how fantastically beautiful it is.

  4. Amaris says:

    Wow, these are CRAZY but I like ‘em!

  5. Helga says:

    They look glowy :)

  6. Kayleigh says:

    Hahaha so over the top and I’m loving them!!

  7. These are so blingy and fun!! ^.^

  8. MelissaF says:

    Soooo cute! Silly and impractical and fun as all get out!

  9. the nerd says:

    Thanks ladies! They were really less annoying than I thought they’d be… and all that sparkly business really sold it. I received a challenge by email to do a full cover in rhinestones, so that’ll be coming up soon, oh boy oh boy!

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