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January 2, 2012
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I was at Walgreens the other day and they had these Milani nail art brushes on clearance, so I had to pick up the colors that were left: Purple Outline (it sparkles!), Yellow Design and Orange Graph. After letting a two coat base of OPI Black Cherry Chutney dry, I added a few swipes of each color to the tip of the nail just to see how they stood up on a dark background — surprisingly well it turns out!  I actually wish there were more of these colors on sale; the formula was nice (not too thin/runny, but also didn’t goop up at all) and the brush tip was well formed and applied evenly.  Thumbs up Milani, well done!

Milani Purple Outline

Milani Nail Art

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Milani Orange Graph

Milani Yellow Design

10 Responses

  1. Gottwinkies says:

    So good to see you back! I like this mani…I have been wondering if those Milani nail art pens would be worth it, thanks for trying them out for me, lol!

  2. Rachel says:

    I have one Milani art polish and really like it. Your nails look like they’re on fire. I like it!

  3. Tyne says:

    they look really nice I need to check out my Walgreens.

  4. Helga says:

    Cute! It’s nice to see you posting again :)

  5. Angie says:

    Nice to see you back!! Love the way this mani looks.

  6. Alexis says:

    Yay!!! I am happy you’re back! I’ve missed your wonderful talent!!
    I am going to try out this look!

  7. Courtney says:

    I picked up a bunch of those Milani stripers too. Love the purple one.

  8. the nerd says:

    Awww thanks ladies! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for more of these Milani — while I need more stripers like a hole in the head, I like the application way better than a lot of the others I have. And while it’s not the thinnest in the world… it’s a striper, so if you want super fine detail ya gotta just user a pen or fine brush, you know?

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