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August 26, 2011
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imfeelingnail-venturous had asked last week how I was doing the roses (cue “painting the roses red” song…) — it’s another one of those delightfully easy deals that just ends up looking like a lot more effort went into it.  Everybody does these differently: I’ve seen people execute petals really well with dotting tools or pre-mixing polishes so there’s already a swirly effect when you paint in a petal, but this is how I’m currently working out roses.

First the flower base color (over the nail base, in this case nubar Lemon Sorbet): I use one of the small flat brushes to add this first part, finding I have a little more control with the application and ability to twist the brush to make a little arc (but really, the shape isn’t all that complicated, use whatever you’re comfortable with).  Basically you’re just adding irregular blobs to your nails with slight bubble edges that would make the flower outline.

flat nail art brush

orange roses

Then, with a fine tip brush, I go back in with a lighter color to add semi-circles that end up being the hilights of the roses, starting first at the center with a sort of deconstructed ying yang and then working outwardly from that, overlapping the arcs.  It doesn’t have to be perfect — what flower ever was? — it’s mostly just adding a lighting effect.  If you want to really be detailed about it you can go back in with a darker color too to add more depth… just play with it til it feels right to you.  You can also apply your topcoat immediately after adding the flowers (while they’re still wettish) and it’ll softly blend the colors a little more.

rose nails

how to paint roses on your nails

Finally there are always the green flashes, which can either be soft little leaves off the side or a full jungle of vines and leaves behind the flowers, whatever you’re trying to get done.  I like to first put a dark green color in and then go back in with a lighter one to add a hilight to the leaves.

nail art roses

And there ya have it, roses in a couple of quick steps!

rose nail art

22 Responses

  1. Fingers says:

    Thank you so much for this infomercial! I need more-do you pour polish on a plate and dip into it? Or what? Need to see how to do dots-but I need to see the tool actually touching the nail-people skip that part!!!

    • Lena1998 says:

      I hate to be a bore, but that really isn’t a word. I think you meant ‘informative’ and started to type it and then got distracted and ended up with a kind of weird cross between ‘info’ and ‘comercial’.
      Also, I’ve never heard of people pouring nail polish on a plate and dipping their nails in it. Fine if you do, but sounds weird to me. Any benefit of choosing that over just brushing it on?
      Just a quick question, though: what are the brushes that you use? Are they special nail brushes or will a thin painting brush work as well?
      Great designs -love them! -Lena x
      P.S. Sorry about that first point. Gramatical errors bug me. OCD? Maybs. =b

  2. the nerd says:

    I think that’s the trouble — we were only given two hands so when it comes to taking pictures (some people I know are outright snobs and will straight up refuse to help me take photos of the process, wtf?) it gets hard to take action shots. Though I guess I could really nerd it up and go find my tripod in the overflowing storage closet.

    Anyway! Since I was just doing a color at a time I pulled the polish right out of the bottle with the smaller brushes — less waste and drying. For jobs with a bunch of colors going on at once I’ll add blobs of color to this little glass plate I have, but it drives me nuts that so much polish gets wasted that way so I try to pull directly from the bottle whenever it makes sense.

    The dotting is really just trial and error; if you pick up a set of the dotting tools (it’s like $5 online on Amazon or something) there are two sizes on each one, so you get 10 sizes total. For those you probably want to put the paint on a plate/surface/something so that you can tell how much polish you’ve got on the tool. For consistent dots you’ll want to re-dip for each dot and *gently* drop it on your nail until you feel the tool make contact (you’re not trying to pound it in, just touch lightly). My dots still aren’t perfectly consistent but it truly boils down to practice and getting comfortable with it… there’s no wrong way though!

  3. OMG! Thank you sooooooooo much for doing this! I have to run to work but saved this on my favorites so I can really take a look at it and give it a try. Probably this weekend! OMG I am sooo excited you have no idea. I have tried this before but majorly failed. This tutorial looks so great!

  4. the nerd says:

    No prob, hope it works out! I think the trick is to not overthink it and just go with it — perfection is an illusion, have fun with it and make a pretty mess. :D

  5. Tera says:

    Very pretty, I love them on the yellow!

  6. Kejal says:

    ohh..nice tutorial! m gonna be trying this soon!

  7. Kirshten says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!! Its so awesome! I just found out about your blog yesterday and I’m in love. I read every single one of your posts yesterday! :P I tried out your tutorial here http://kknails.blogspot.com/2011/08/roses-are-red.html Thanks to your tutorial I know how to do it now!! Yay!

  8. the nerd says:

    Holy crap all of em?!! That’s awesome, thank you! Your roses turned out lovely!

  9. Great tutorial, wish i saw this before i tried to paint roses by myself and failed :)

  10. Kejal says:

    I am gonna try this next..what colors wud u suggest on a white base?

  11. the nerd says:

    oooooo white? So many options, but I bet a full-on red (bright red w/ dark hilights or even lighter hilights) would look great with that sort of contrast. Let me know how it goes, I’d love to see it!

  12. Kejal says:

    Sure, M gonna try tonite..will keep you posted!!

  13. aricel says:

    i haven’t tried this yet, because i don’t have red.it looks good, though!:)

  14. aricel says:

    don’t you have to have arcrylics to do this?what’s up with that?

  15. maria t says:

    roses <3

  16. SusanF. says:

    I love this one, I am gonna try it for this weekend. ThanX

  17. Lena1998 says:

    Hi Nerd!
    I tried this and they work SO well! I’m finding it quite difficult to get some of the more complex designs right but these are SO easy! IF YOU HAVEN’T TRIED THIS YET- DO IT NOW!!!!

    -Lena x

    P.S. Don’t you just hate it when something says: Easy tutorial for…(whatever) and then it’s really hard?

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