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July 23, 2012
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HULK SMASH!  This one came off of the request pile too, but I admit that this big green dude holds a weird special place in my heart.  When I was a kid — like fuzzy slippers and Cheerios-from-a-baggie young — I’d wait for the old tv series with Bill Bixby to come on every weekend and was fascinated by the whole storyline.  Until his eyes started changing colors; as soon as I saw that green pop up, I’d go charging out of the room because watching him hulk out was just too. dang. scary.  So this was a fun one to work on, and I obviously spent more time on the eye than anything else.

Started with a two coat base of MASH Lime nail polish — super cute color, solid formula, and oh yeah, it actually smells like lime.  Then I used (mostly) black and white acrylic to paint in a couple of hulks, the HULK lettering, and what ended up being a pretty cool green eye slam in the middle.

“Mr. McGee, don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Thanks for the request!

Incredible Hulk Nails

Incredible Hulk


The Hulk

Bill Bixby

11 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    You are amazing! I came across your blog via Pinterest…love seeing your incredible work. Also, thanks for your recommendations–I bought the MASH brush set…love!

    • the nerd says:

      Thanks Amy! And seriously w/ the MASH brushes — when you start wearing them out, just cut off all but a few bristles and voila, you’ve got yourself a new micro-detail brush to work with!

  2. Oh, oh, OHH this is great, that green eye – well the entire many, well done :)

  3. nail crazy says:

    your hulk rocks!!!

  4. These are amazing! I love the eye! ^.^

  5. Sandra says:

    This looks amazing!

  6. Sophy says:

    i LOOOOOOOOOVE these! Do you have a tutorial video?

  7. Amanda says:

    What did you do with the dominant hand?

  8. Helga says:

    That eye is insane! I keep missing out on your blog but now I’ve bookmarked it so I don’t miss cool stuff like this :)

  9. 肖杰 says:

    Very nice, oh, I like it very much, very love

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