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July 21, 2011

Was cleaning around my desk earlier and found a totally disposable narrow pen, like one of those super silly skinny ones, and thought to myself “self, make a mess, splatter some business!”.  Because sometimes you just want to be messy… Instead of using a drinking straw (see: Blood Splatter), the smaller tip of the plastic pen case wouldn’t put out quite so much paint in one puff and seemed like a good match for the chaos of Jackson Pollock.

jackson pollock nail colors

I pulled up Jackson Pollock Number 8, 1949 for some color inspiration and went to town with the empty pen cartridge, going nuts in layers on my nails (of course Pollock used a drip technique instead of power blasts of paint, but c’mon, nail polish just doesn’t drip like that in tiny scale).  I used:

  • OPI Stranger Tides
  • Essie Playa del Platinum
  • OPI Green-wich Village
  • Sinful Colors Unicorn
  • Kleancolor Black
  • love & beauty Electric Yellow (be soooo careful with this if you get it, it stains the crap out of anything it touches and laughs at nail polish remover (see my pinky finger)
  • love & beauty Sunset Orange

Net result: I’m into it!  Totally random and fun, though next time I might wait a little longer between each color so they completely set and don’t bleed together at all.

splatter nails

splatter nail polish

3 Responses

  1. the nerd says:

    Thanks Olivia! :D

  2. Jenna says:

    I LOOOOOOOVEEEE THIS!!!!!!!!!! MYt boy friend actually won our first kiss because he named “Convergence” I am a HUGE nail junkie and Pollock junkie!! THANK YOU!

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