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May 2, 2012
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How is it we’re half way through Jazz Fest already?!  This year is going by so quickly…  But this was a mani I’ve had noodling for awhile, partly because I had this yellow to test out but mostly because I love the iconography of Jazz Fest.  In case you aren’t familiar with the festival/haven’t been watching CNN lately, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival hits for a couple of weekends every year, juuuuuust before it starts getting unbearably hot and standing around all day under the sun would be impossible.  It’s seven days FULL of music.  Seriously, FULL.  With 12 musical stages/tents and way too many food vendors to count, it’s an incredible celebration of music, New Orleans food, and straight up fun.  Put it on your bucket list, you’ll love it.

Trombone Shorty Jazz FestSo I started with a three coat base of China Glaze Sunshine Pop.  Great happy yellow color, but I was underwhelmed by the application; I had some bubbling issues, and after the 2nd coat considered that it may just be too thick or something so thinned it out a bit… not a huge difference.  Not sure what was going on there since the other polishes I’ve tried from this collection were pretty much flawless.  Then I went in with acrylic and painted parts of the Jazz Fest dancin’ folk logo (the one on the pinky bled down with the topcoat, which normally I’d go through and re-do but I don’t entirely hate the effect) and Trombone Shorty on the middle since he’s on the official poster for this year’s fest.  Play on!

And sorry for the week-long gap in posts — I had a run-in with some stairs that didn’t go so well, and sitting (especially in the position that I do for nail paintin’) has been pretty painful.  By the power of pain relievers and back exercises I’m swingin’ back though, so more manis coming soon!

Jazz Fest Nails

China Glaze Sunshine Pop

New Orleans Jazz Fest

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Trombone Shorty

7 Responses

  1. Enjeliqua says:

    Really REALLY love how this turned out!! Silhouettes can be difficult sometimes IMO and I think you definitely NAILED (hahahaha my husband would be so proud at that pun!) the nuances to make these silhouettes especially beautiful. Sucks about sunshine pop- I’ve been looking for a certain yellow and I guess I’ll be passin’ this one by. xo E.

    • the nerd says:

      Thanks Enjeliqua! I seriously love the silhouettes — one of the posters from the fest is in my downstairs bathroom and I just love it, there’s something so great about the figures on the bright yellow background. I’m really hoping that the Sunshine Pop thing was a fluke/bad bottle or something… honestly, all the other bottles from Electropop have been great so I don’t want to throw this one under the bus entirely… and with a little buffing and a topcoat you can’t really tell, so that’s somethin’.

  2. mousiemomma says:

    oh wow! i’m usually not a big fan of yellow (it makes me look sick), but it looks amazing in this mani! and you captured the man from the poster so perfectly!

    • the nerd says:

      Thanks momma! I think all the black helps offset the bright yellow a bit. But let’s be real, I don’t mind having garishly bright nails. I kinda flubbed Trombone Shorty’s left arm but was too tired to attempt a fix sooooo he’s just gonna have to deal with having a Popeye arm on this one.

  3. nail crazy says:

    you’re the best *.*
    you amaze me with every new manicure, love your work :-D

    • the nerd says:

      No, YOU are! :D Thanks darlin’, I’m glad you like ‘em — all this would be even more absurd if nobody liked it. Like the nail-equivalent of a little kid pounding pans together on a kitchen floor when everyone’s left for the day or something.

  4. You are so awesome at nail art! I absolutely love the portrait nail! These are spectacular!! ^.^

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