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September 30, 2011

I’m lucky enough to have some awesome friends that embrace my weird nail obsession (don’t worry, there are plenty of other people I know that think I’m batshit crazy for it) and one of ‘em got me this ridiculous bottle of MAC Immortal Gold.  O. M. G.  This stuff is a dream!  Not only is the color super beautiful but the formula and application was fantastic: nearly perfect in a single coat, great applicator brush, and the finish doesn’t do any of that weird streaking stuff you see sometimes with metallics if you go over the same brush stroke a couple of times.  And if that weren’t enough it also dries super fast.  As always happens when I’m gobsmacked by a polish, I didn’t want to muck it up by putting a whole bunch on top of it so went for a simple stamp accent instead with Kleancolor Black and BM-207.

MAC Immortal Gold

MAC nail polish

gold nail polish

gold stamped nails

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8 Responses

  1. nail crazy says:

    wow, this looks like you have liquid gold on your nails :-D

  2. Chelsea says:

    Sooo cute! and love the stamping!

  3. Jossie says:

    I love gold!!! Gorgeous!!

  4. Shalon says:

    Love it, and the stamping looks great!

  5. I really like the combo of the gold and the swishy black stamp. It’s elegant and modern.

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