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August 22, 2011

And this, dear ladies, is a lesson in reading the friggin bottle.  So I got a marble going using China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and Entourage, was totally happy with it and went in with some purple to do the tips.  And then the tips kept getting wonky and wouldn’t apply right.  And then they started creeping up the middle nail and I kept trying to correct it.  And THEN I looked at the bottle and realized that it was … wait for it … a stupid shatter polish, that’s right!  What a goober.  Basically I screwed up a perfectly lovely marble job with China Glaze Fault Line crackle polish.  Good job nerd!

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

China Glaze Fault Line

China Glaze Entourage

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5 Responses

  1. Olivia C. says:

    Ahhh that’s too bad because the marble looks amazing! I love the colors you used. And that purple is really pretty, too bad it was a crackle!

  2. Beanie says:

    lol! aww, still looks pretty cute tho

  3. Awe easy mistake, thats so something I could see myself doing, it still looks very nice pretty color combo and I’m jealous I can’t water marble for ish.

  4. Kejal says:

    LOL!! But only bcoz ur pics are so up close its noticeable or else I am sure its not

  5. Awww, that sucks! But the marble looks awesome!

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