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May 23, 2012
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Oh hi there!  :)  Long week (again, I know, blah blah) but I *have* to do some manicures by the end of the weekend, so more stuff soon, I promise.  I’m getting off-track here though.  A couple of days ago I had to get to a meeting in the middle of a pretty nutty day, and, like a good PR flack, I’d been trained early to always wear something red to business meetings (not clients).  My dress and blazer were black, so I went with some OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where?, a perfect two-coat finish in a bright,tropical red.

OPI Holland Collection

OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where?

Then today I got to thinking about the matte nail polish on the counter in the kitchen.

So last week I was actually looking for my other bottle of matte topcoat from China Glaze that I’d bought last year — thought it’d look smart for a different meeting — but couldn’t find it in any of the usual polish stashes.  Like just grew legs and walked out of the house.  And then I got an email from the MASH folks saying they were about to release a matte top coat and would I like a free bottle to test?  Why yes, yes I would!  (Crazy synchronicity, I’m noticing it a lot lately.)

This afternoon, before the rains started rolling over New Orleans, I added a fresh coat of the OPI (hence the ridging you see above after two days of wear/growth/whatever), then went to put a coat of MASH Nails Matte Top Coat over it.  And I’ll tell ya, I was braced for a fight: my experience with a lot of matte polishes is that they’ll dry really fast and start to set, sometimes even before you finish making that third stroke of the brush over your nail.  Which makes for a grainy-lined sort of finish, and sucks.  And I thought I’d have to move pretty quick and still be careful to be precise, because you want to give things their best shot when you’re testing them out for the first time and not fudge it on user error.

No problems.  At all.  I found that the polish started to dry and set a fair bit slower than I’d been preparing myself for, so by the time I got a good solid coat over the whole nail, you couldn’t even tell which order or fashion I’d painted over the thing, it was all just settling together.  Better yet, it’s got that thicker sort of consistency, sort of like SV, where it auto-bevels and creates a more even finish to the nail (no more ridges!).  Super useful for manicures where you’ve got separate layers and whatnot and don’t want to have to apply a different topcoat first just to get a more even base before using the matte finish.  And I like that it’s not one of those chalky sort of mattes — that texture bugs me for some reason — but this just gives you that nice flat matte finish without robbing anything from the color, you know?

MASH Matte Top Coat

MASH Nails Matte Top Coat

matte nail polish

Basically, two thumbs up.  And I think it’s pretty clear given the balance of things around here that I’m not a matte monster about things, but will definitely seek it out from time to time, either for effect or to add a little punch to a necessary straight-laced manicure; I’m excited to have this in the collection and as my new go-to for a matte topcoat.  Thanks MASH, ya done made me love you all over again!  If you want to try it out for yourself, they’ve got it for sale now on the MASH website for $7.99.

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4 Responses

  1. mousiemomma says:

    awesome! i’m a fan of matte topcoats, but only have one in my collection so far…looks like i may need to add another!

    • the nerd says:

      It’s a really good one! Like I said, I keep my expectations pretty low on mattes since there’s so much room for it to go wrong with streaking and texture, but you can see what I was up against with some ridging on the OPI and this totally worked it all out. A+, would use again! :)

  2. Yuetiva says:

    I’m so excited – right now they have free standard shipping too so I took advantage and picked up a bottle to try. Thanks for the review!

    • the nerd says:

      Anytime! I get excited for new fun polishes — and have certainly stirred up some feedback when I *don’t* like something — hope you love it too!

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