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April 8, 2012
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Before we get into the fun stuff, the nails: the base on this is two coats of China Glaze Stone Cold, a graphite matte polish (did I realize it was matte when I pulled it off the shelf?  Of course not, because I’m too lazy to check these things!) so before I went and screwed with it I got a picture in for posterity:

China Glaze Stone Cold

Afterwards I went in and painted in the MASH logo lettering, sealing it down with China Glaze Matte Magic (didn’t realize this got a little bumpy til after the photos, else I’d have buffed it down a bit… whoops).

Mash Nails

“Ok great, you painted some letters on matte… why for weirdo?”

Well I’ll tell you friend!  Last month I got to chatting with the MASH Nails folks after some online discussion about nail art and painting tools.  I’m not being a brand suck-up: MASH brushes really are the ones I use all of the time.  I’ve bought a handful of different sets of brushes over the past year (brown handles, clear handles, yellow handles, oh my!) but the only ones left in my working kit (if you’ve paid close attention to the few background shots on the site, you’ll have seen a Fossil box with a whole bouquet of upended brushes jutting out of it) are the MASH brushes.  I like the weight and length, the bristles definitely seem to stay in place and play longer than others, and oh yeah, the metal tip doesn’t pop off of the handle like some cheapos I won’t name.

So as I’m gushing at Team MASH about their brushes I told them some of mine were on their last legs — and they offered to send me a new set!  I’m super excited to break these open and start playing with them after today, have a look:

MASH nail art brushes

(MASH has also posted a blog entry over on their site that explains each of the different brushes/what you’d use them for if any of these look foreign to you.)

But wait, THERE’S MORE!  Because Team MASH are so generous, they’re also going to let me give away more of their stuff TO YOU!  Not only can you pick up a brush set as pictured above, but they’ll also be throwing in a set of their dotting tools and tweezers!  Yes, I’m shouting, because it’s FREE and AWESOME!

Here’s the trick: just fill out this little Raffle Copter dealie below and you’ll be entered to win.  I’ll be pulling the winner on April 23rd, so get your entries in by April 22nd (let’s just say 12pm EDT).

You get a single entry just for dropping your name in the hat, but can get additional points if you “like” MASH nails on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @Mashnails, or subscribe to the MASH YouTube channel.  I’ll even give you an extra if you follow Nail Nerd on Google+ (those numbers have been so out of whack since they dropped GFC… stupid Google.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(And yes, there will be someone verifying entries, so if you say you’ve followed and haven’t/didn’t, I’m gonna have to pull you out of the running… this isn’t to be jerky, and certainly most everybody isn’t looking to cheat the system, but there are definitely autobot raffle gamers out there that just want to win everything, and that’s not fair to everybody else I don’t think.)

Hope you guys are excited for this one — I definitely am.  I get a lot of emails asking about what tools I use, and the brushes are the most important for my purposes.  I will admit though that some of the more detailed stuff is done with a sort of Frankensteined MASH brush; nobody’s really selling one and two bristle nail art brushes (why would they? that’s kind of goofy)… so when I’ve completely beaten a brush down and the bristles are going every which way, I take that brush and will cut away all but a couple of hairs.  That way a tired brush gets a new lease on life, and I get something other than a needle to use when I’m trying to make an insanely thin line with paint.

Good luck everybody, and thanks for playing!  If you don’t want to leave it to chance, pop over to the MASH website where you can buy these tools (and a whole lot more) — they’ve got free standard shipping right now and everything.


87 Responses

  1. Sarah B. says:

    Sounds cool! I’ve seen MASH brushes before but never ordered them.

  2. the nerd says:

    They really are my fave — I should’ve taken a picture of the old brushes to add to this post, but I’ll drop one in the next entry so you can see how much use they really get!

  3. Kaki says:

    Cool – thanks for the heads up about MASH. I’ve never heard of them before, but I haven’t gotten any brushes I’m super thrilled with, so I’ll have to check them out. (Just FYI the link for their youtube doesn’t work in the widget thingy, I don’t know if anyone else is having issues…)

  4. DalaLuz says:

    What a sweet give away, thank you! Now if only you could bottle some of your amazing talent to come with it, but hey, I guess I’ll just have to keep trying and learning….

    • the nerd says:

      You’re sweet, I’ll see what I can do about that…. I would send out Nail Nerd voodoo dolls but that might just be creepy. And I don’t want to be walking around my house with my hand plastered to my face because somebody sat on my doll or something.

  5. Jessica says:

    This is awesome! I’ve never heard much about these brushes, but they look awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. DalaLuz says:

    I had the same problem with the YT link. Also, my YT name is different from my FB/GFC/Google+, its LalaLoes67 there :)

  7. D'Anna says:

    I’ve never heard of MASH before, but I’m excited to try them.

    • the nerd says:

      They’re great! And this last set I think I bought last fall, so they’ve lasted this long/through however many manis have come and gone in the past two season — fabulous return on investment, especially when I think about the brushes I only used a couple of times and tossed because they were crap.

  8. Megan says:

    O: That’s so awesome!

  9. Megan W says:

    What a great giveaway, how generous! I didn’t realize MASH did brushes and things.

  10. the nerd says:

    I know! ’til we started chatting I had no idea they offered so many products — polish even!

  11. Maria says:

    I love this blog so much! Would love for you to do my nails! :)

  12. Amanda says:

    Yay such a great giveaway! Love ur Blog, Keep up the greatness.

  13. Yuetiva says:

    I just recently reaquired my “nail habit” and love this blog! It’s funny because I still kept my MASH brushes even though my other brushes were given away – so I definitely know what you mean about their quality. ;)

    • MASH says:

      Glad to hear you like the brushes!

    • the nerd says:

      Aw thank you! And yessss with the brushes — may they never ever go out of business (or at least not before I can buy a crate full to store out in the shed… sort of the nail addict equivalent of “in case of emergency, break glass”)

      • Yuetiva says:

        I know what you mean – my brushes are still in pretty good shape but definitely aren’t “new” any more so I had put another set in my Amazon wishlist a few weeks ago. I was going to wait until the giveaway was over to see if I won, but I keep thinking “it would be nice to have a backup set….” LOL.

  14. Ada C. says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! It’s so cool! :)

  15. Danielle says:

    Just found your blog recently, I absolutely love your nail designs! Keep up the good work. :)

  16. Kate says:

    I’d heard of Mash from their stamping plates, but never tried their brushes. Always good to get a recommendation on brushes! And a generous giveaway too … nice!

    • the nerd says:

      Have you tried their stamping plates yet? I really haven’t dug into any of their stuff outside of the brushes and was surprised to see they had so much going on when I actually visited the site (had previously been buying the brushes off of Amazon)…

  17. Mnemo says:

    This is such aan awesome giveaway, thanks! I’ve decided to spend more time painting my nails and doing nail art instead of just reading blogs on how to do it.:)

    • the nerd says:

      Haha it’s a time investment for sure, but actually really fun so totally worth it! I wish I had more free time lately, I really miss getting lost in all the great nail blogs for hours on end — it’s amazing what people can create and invent, and super humbling (I’ve seen some stuff out there that I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to do….)

  18. Michelle says:

    Oooh, they’re so gorgeous. I’m getting ideas just from looking at their shapes.

    • the nerd says:

      I swear those big fan ones just sit there staring at me all day… they’re like the anti-single-bristle-brush :)

  19. LaurenLucy says:

    Im in love with this blog you’re give away sounds fab im in love with nail art and use my own made tools but ive never seen this brushes before in my life<3<3

    • the nerd says:

      Yay I’m glad! Are you doing the Lizzie Jagger technique of cutting bristles from your hair brush or something?

  20. Morgan Leah says:

    Thank you for this great giveaway! :-)

  21. Heather says:

    My current brushes are on their last britle! I have heard nothing but awesomeness about MASH brushes and would Oh so love!!

  22. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I currently use craft brushes to do my nail art. I would love to win something like this :)

  23. Dee says:

    I have a set of MASH brushes too that I got as a gift, but haven’t used them. My question is, how do you clean them and maintain them? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

  24. Rebecca says:

    I am starting to get into detailing (need much practice) and have a few mix match brushes. I have the basic stripers, short detailer, and I do believe my cat took off with best brush for cleanup. I am drooling right now!

    • the nerd says:

      I love that your cat absconded the best one (my critters are constantly knocking my tools around too the little buggers) — if you get a set of these be sure to hide them!

  25. Calli says:

    I’d love to try using brushes! I just use toothpicks and bobby pins atm.

  26. ofelia says:

    what a lovely giveway! I’ve been wanting some good nail brushes(:

  27. Brianna says:

    How generous! I’m in need of some nail brushes!

  28. Kyla says:

    This is AMAZING!!! I really need some nail brushes. Right now I just use anything that works for me (toothpicks, booby pins).

  29. mousiemomma says:

    i’m SO excited you’re doing a giveaway! and i just so happen to need some nail brushes! the ones i’m using now are cheapies from the craft store and while they get the job done (most of the time), they definitely leave something to be desired.

  30. Tlieso says:

    I love all your nerdy nail manis. Makes me wish I could actually draw. :)

  31. Lexi P. says:

    Awesome giveaway! :) I’ve never been able to use MASH brushes, but hopefully I’ll have the pleasure to if I win the giveaway :D

  32. Very cool! I’m just getting into doing nail art for myself; so I’d love to win these brushes!

  33. Enjeliqua says:

    Awesomesauce!! Super great giveaway man! IMO you can NEVER have too many good brushes!!

  34. Brooke says:

    What a great giveaway!

  35. Juddde says:

    Thanks for that giveaway. I’d love to try those brushes.

  36. Juddde says:

    Thanks for that giveaway. I’d love to try those brushes.

  37. IsaBella says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks to the chance! (:

  38. Marina says:

    This is really great! I need new brushes so badly :)

  39. maartjee says:

    hi,, I love the giveaway! I real;ly want those brushes (:

  40. Kris says:

    AWESOME!! My sister-in-law just ordered some MASH nail art tools and I was so jealous!!

  41. Emerald Coppersprite says:

    I hope I win :)

  42. Kayleigh Wareham says:

    I would really like to try these brushes they look so helpful!

  43. Lili says:

    Wow those brushes look amazing! Do they also come with your magic nail art talent? :)

  44. peripatetic33 says:

    tools are inspiration

  45. Leisel says:

    Oh, cool… I’ve been wanting some nail art brushes, and they always seem to get put off because I find a new polish I NEED. Thank you!

    • the nerd says:

      Feel you — especially when you end up with a brush set that’s kinda crappy… these were/are totally worth the investment though, they’ve lasted me longer and better than any other set I’ve picked up!

  46. Kvacka says:

    Hi, thank you so much! =))

  47. Madeline says:

    What a great giveaway! I could use the tools.

  48. “hi” or something so we know you’re real :) That is what you wanted us to say? Right? lol

  49. the nerd says:

    I know I fell off the internet for a few days so here’s a blanket fingers crossed: GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! They’re great brushes so even if you don’t win it’s definitely worth picking up a set — I’m one of those nerds that will find something I like and stick with it til they stop making it (dang you, lemon flavored gum!), so here’s to hoping MASH stays around for a long, long time.

  50. Terra TF says:

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

    I *must* compliment you on your blog set up – background etc. Really cool!! :)

    • the nerd says:

      Aw shucks, thank you! We rep NOLA pretty hard around here. The background photo is from one of the cemeteries down the road too — was walking the little dog past it about a year ago when they were filming some scenes for Treme so snapped a few pictures of Rebirth Brass Band playing down the aisles.

  51. VeronicaAna says:

    I Love MASH, I need to get nail art brushes so these would be great. :)

  52. kate bianchi says:

    hi! :P

    i’m a real person, and i really really want to win. :) haha

  53. Lulu says:

    I really want to try MASH)

  54. viviana says:

    thanks for the giveaway! its awesome :D

  55. Grace says:

    I’m…not real. Oooooh. Lol.
    I love your nifty little fleur-de-lis background. Pretty (:
    Thanks for the giveaway! It’s awesomesauce.

  56. mojemakaze says:

    I would really like to try brushes

  57. Amber says:

    What a great giveaway! Would love to try these to take my nails to whole new levels! :-)

  58. Amy says:

    Awesome giveaway! I was just looking into getting a new set of brushes, something like this in a nice case is exactly what I am looking for.

  59. Archie0625 says:

    Exciting giveaway! It looks like a great set!

  60. Gorgeois Pig says:

    Looks like a great set of brushes. Sometimes just having new tools means improved creativity. :)

  61. Betsy Zepeda says:

    This is an AWESOME giveaway!!! I’ve been looking for a new set of brushes, and more nail decorating ideas. Love this site and all the cute nail designs!

  62. the nerd says:

    Thanks to everyone that entered, y’all are the best! Nicole won this round, but there are always more promos in the works — even found some extra duplicate polishes while going through my collection this weekend, so those will go into the giveaway pile — stay tuned!

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