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January 16, 2013
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Thought to pull out some stamping today (it’s been… forever) so used an abstract sort of swirly pattern from plate SH21 — really couldn’t even begin to give this one a theme, it’s sort of a mishmesh of lines, swirls and squiggles.  I don’t know if I love it, especially since the more concentrated swooshy part bled like mad with the OPI I picked, but the randomness and the color combo definitely fits the ongoing blah-ish sort of mood around here (seriously, can we get some sun already?!!!!).

Started with a base coat of OPI Berlin There Done That, a mauve-concrete cream that I like a lot.  With two coats of that set, I sponged in some OPI Casino Royale near the tips for a berry twist, then stamped the pattern over that.  It may not be my favorite, but at least it was quick!  Also, the couple of random glitter flecks were unintentional; there’s so much glitter around the house lately, I’m picking it out of EVERYTHING (hooray Mardi Gras prep!)…

SH21 nail art stamp

OPI Berlin There Done That

OPI Casino Royale

nail art gradient

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4 Responses

  1. ElianaLouis says:

    This color is my favorite and the nail art design is obviously the most important part of this blog and I just loved it.

  2. Fingers says:

    This is really pretty! I like it

  3. Liz says:

    This is beautiful. How did you achieve this finish? Please email me.
    Thank you.

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