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September 29, 2011

This is normal, right?  Had an appointment today and thought it best to put on my “I’m not a total weirdo” front (if I’m asking you a serious question I don’t need you staring at me like I’ve got two heads) and went for a simple light french.  The base is Borghese Cannoli Cream, 2 coats over a white base (probably should have gone for 3 but I was running out of time), then used some Kleancolor White for the tips.

french manicure

Borghese Cannoli Cream

french mani

french tips

14 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    Not strange! In fact, this is my idea of “mannequin” nails. I think it makes fingers and nails look longer. One of my favorite manis to do, and you pull it off so well!

  2. SisterGoose says:

    Wow! This looks so elegant

  3. Kejal says:

    Hahaha..better safe than sorry!! yeah we need to sometimes have normal nails for the sake of others not popping their eyes out!!

  4. ER-Nails says:

    I love the base colour!

  5. Aren says:

    Ooh, I like it. I’ve never opaqued-out any of my sheers for french mani’s, but I think I might give it a whirl.

    You always have such great ideas. ^___^

  6. Fingers says:

    Must have been a really important appointment-cause for me-I’d still wear my freaky nails!! I do love a classic french though-very elegant-but so NOT NERDY!

  7. nail crazy says:

    this is strange, i’m used to a much more colors on your nails ;-D

  8. KarenD says:

    Interesting–like Aren says, I never thought to do a white base under a French mani sheer.

  9. the nerd says:

    I know, it’s super weird, right?! My nails felt totally foreign… working on something with a ton of color right now. :D

  10. Emily says:

    I like french manicures so much better with an opaque base than a sheer one! good job! lol

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