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December 3, 2012
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After doing those snowflake nails yesterday I got all excited to put my Christmas tree up this week, and while riffling through the polish pile for some festive colors, picked up OPI The Spy Who Loved Me (from the new Skyfall Collection).  This glittery red is one of the brighter colors in the collection, and I think just about perfect for holiday tidings.  With two coats of that dry, I used some acrylic paint to add in happy little trees, just like you did back in school: one long brown line for the trunk, then a bunch of swooshes to create the flow of the fir and branches.  Added some dotted snowflakes and a band of snow at the bottom for a bit of loose french twist, then sealed it all down with Seche Vite.

christmas tree nails

OPI The Spy Who Loved Me

christmas tree nail art

christmas nail art

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7 Responses

  1. Alice Palace says:

    Oh hells yes, this ROCKS- Christmas trees AND french tips?! Love it, it’s made me need to go and do a Christmas manicure NOW

  2. Kayleigh says:

    Soo pretty!! Love them!

  3. Helga says:

    Gah I envy your skills ;)

    • admin says:

      F’realz, this one is way easy to knock out — if you ever did those little swoopy pine trees as a kid I’m sure your hand totally remembers how to make these… and cuz they’re trees, they don’t have to be perfect!

  4. Angie says:

    I love these! Did you use acrylic paints to do them? I’ve bought acrylics (quite cheap ones) but for some reason they never stick on the nail varnish so I’ve been stuck with using the thin brush/pen style nailvarnishes. Is there a trick to it?

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