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February 22, 2013
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I am way outta my element on this one, but have received so many requests for One Direction nails over the last year-ish that it was time to just bite the bullet and go for it.  And Google.  Oh boy did I Google.  First, the colors: the dark blue is China Glaze Blue Sparrow, which is totally undersold by the storm system rolling through that’s blocked out the sun, because it does a great shimmer dance in light… and China Glaze Fuchsia on the ring finger, because why not.  The rest is all acrylic paint: carrots on the pinky, POTATO on the ring, Nando’s logo on the middle, and the One Direction logo on the index.

One Direction Nails

China Glaze Blue Sparrow

One Direction nail art

China Glaze Fuchsia

4 Responses

  1. nail crazy says:

    well done, super cute :D

  2. finnoodles says:

    Just wondering: do you ever paint your thumb? Very curious! :)

  3. Kayla says:

    OMYGOODNESS!!!! I love one direction soo much!!! I’m so glad you finally did them!!! Thank you a zillion times!!!!!!

  4. Hey girlll
    Omg I misssed u and ur blog.
    I dont know if you remeber me but I followed you since 2011 but I went mia until now but im back now hope you check out my new posts comming soon.
    And I hope to hear from you♥


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