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August 14, 2011

The Orly Old School Orange is a great poppin orange as they go, but I’d expected it to be a little thicker I guess… it goes on solid but it’s a thinner polish so you get a lot of streaking on the first coat and some unevenness on the second which is why I committed to three coats.  Afterwards I went in to stamp some little swirls from a Bundle Monster plate and quickly discovered that American Apparel Malibu Green is NOT a polish for stamping.  Don’t know if that’s because it’s too thick or dries too fast, but it just wasn’t happening.

Orly Old School Orange

American Apparel nail polish

American Apparel Malibu Green

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6 Responses

  1. beautyshades says:

    I like it very elegant

  2. nail crazy says:

    great colors, maybe the green one was too thick for stamping… or you used an oiled polish remover :-(

  3. nail crazy says:

    i’ve been looking around your blog and i’m really amazed, you’re hyper – creative, i love your work, you’re really good at nail art… you deserved people to know about you and your work :-D

  4. the nerd says:

    Why thank you! And yeah, I think it was that it’s just too thick… which is cool, there are plenty of other polishes to use and the AA colors are so great they can do what they want.

  5. Paige says:

    Can you please explain nail stamping to me?

  6. the nerd says:

    You bet Paige — I’ll take some photos in the next day or two that shows the process. It’s pretty easy, mostly depends on using the right polish when you do it

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