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September 27, 2011

Straight out of Australia (thank you!!!) comes the hand-crafted polish line of Ozotic.  And again I find myself totally head over heels for the Ozotic Elytra line…  I started with a gradient base going from green to blue in OPI Jade Is The New Black, China Glaze First Mate and OPI Road House Blues, all of them totally flat and non-sparkly colors, then put on two coats (it’s fairly thin, but the sparkles don’t disappoint) of Ozotic 528 and, well, WOW.  It’s got that fantastic color change fantasticness going on that flips between green and purple and blue all on its own, so setting it over a colorful base just had colors bouncing every which way.  Super into the Ozotic now dangit.  These ladies have a lot of the Ozotic polishes and will ship; the cost of these is a little pricier than you’re going to pay for OPI/Essie/nubar/etc…  But SO PRETTY.

Ozotic Elytra

Ozotic 528

duchrome nail polish

Ozotic nail polish

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11 Responses

  1. Theodora R. says:

    It´s so beautiful! Oh and the shimmer..just gorgeous! :)

  2. Kelly says:

    ohmygawd, so gorgeous!! *DROOL* O.O

  3. denise says:

    http://Www.shop.llarowe will hook you up here in the states. I just received 529 & 505. Love them so much, I went back for 528 & 506. Ordered the 2nd batch at 10% off with thankyou10 discount code. Sweet!

  4. oooh this is so pretty! Some of my favourite colours all rolled into one.

  5. Jammies says:

    Beautiful art, and I was going to tell you what Denise said about Llarowe!

  6. Dala Luz says:

    Wow indeed!

  7. rock-or-not says:

    Amazing combo!

  8. Kejal says:

    Awesome combo!! love the shades..perfect

  9. Looks very sea-life/under water ish, but gorgeous!! =)

  10. Oh man I am dying for this polish!!

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