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February 2, 2012
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I made the fatal mistake yesterday of waiting at the drugstore while they filled prescriptions — because you KNOW that time was spent poking through all of the nail polishes.  Thankfully I have most everything I want from that store and they aren’t really good about bringing new collections in quickly, so I only got all moth-in-a-bug-zapper with the new Wet n Wild Megalast polish line that was displayed on the endcap.  They’re really pretty muted colors and come in new squared off bottles with a “ManiCurve Pro Brush” (that I really didn’t care for, the bristles were all over the place) but the formula is definitely new.

It’s weird.  Once I got the third coat on I was frustrated with the application: it had gone on with this odd texture that was leaving valleys and peaks wherever I swiped the brush.  I was convinced I’d have to go in and file & buff the surface once it was dry, but somehow it managed to settle itself out to a smooth finish — super bizarre.  Anybody else try these yet/have the same experience?  The color of Wet n Wild I Need Refresh-Mint is simply yummy, and reminded me a lot of the branding for a local store down here, perch.

Last weekend my friend and I dropped into perch. for a little sunny afternoon open house (with bellinis!) where they were featuring a promo box they’d created for a Venetian inspired gala called Sentimental Journeys on April 22nd at Longue Vue House and Gardens.  The place is too lovely for words: I walked in and my eyes immediately went skyward to the most jawdropping chandeliers I’ve seen outside of the froo-froo French Quarter shops — I want one for every room in my house.  But it’s not just big stunner pieces, they also have a lot of small gift ideas (magnets, books, etc.) just check out their blog for pics of some of the goodies.

Since the colors matched up so nicely I had to go in and try to add their logo elements to my nails in acrylic — the trees in white were obviously pretty easy, but the lettering it definitely something I need to practice more (dang serifs!) so that nail is a little wonkier/at least 4 layers deep.  Anyway, if you’re ever walking Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans be sure to pop in to perch!

perch. New Orleans Nails

Wet n Wild I Need Refresh-Mint

Uptown NOLA

New Orleans nails

Wet n Wild Megalast

8 Responses

  1. Shalon says:

    My new Wet N Wilds did the same thing. I had to do multiple coats and while they were drying they smoothed themselves out.

  2. the nerd says:

    How weird! I really wondered if it was just this bottle but it sounds like it did the exact same thing with you. Why would they market a formula like that?! “Naw it’s cool, we know it looks crappy right now but it’ll totally level out, trust us”… not a fun way to polish.

  3. Maria says:

    LOL – I love the: “because you KNOW that time was spent poking through all of the nail polishes” part. I have heard there is such a thing called self discipline, but when around nail polish it never seem to work.

    • the nerd says:

      Totally true! It’s sort of a good thing that my local store doesn’t carry Essie or OPI else I’d be totally broke.

  4. mousiemomma says:

    i’ve got the new wet ‘n wild polishes too…to be fair though, i ended up buying 10 or so different polishes in 2 days and only 3 of them were wet ‘n wild, so i’m still trying some of them out. last night i used one of them as the color on my accent nail…thought i was gonna have to do 2 coats cause of unevenness, but while i was painting another color on the rest of my nails i guess it leveled out cause it looked a whole lot better and didn’t need another coat. other than the accent nails last night, i’ve only really used the new w’nw i got for dots and outlines to try them out with other colors. my brushes really weren’t all over the place, but i did notice that one of the ones i got had a much narrower manicurve brush than the other two…don’t know what that was all about. sorry so long, didn’t intend to get so wordy :) love your blog! and i kinda wanna do the fleur de lis background on my nails when i do them next;)

    • the nerd says:

      I like wordy! :) On the one hand I feel like I can’t be *too* critical since they’re pretty cheap polishes (so expecting perfect brushes seems impractical given the pricepoint) so I can work around the cruddy brush issue, but the bumpy formula part is just a killer. Though it seems to even out on its own it’s such a bad foot to lead with for them — if I didn’t know it self-corrected I’d probably have returned the other bottles to the store.

      And you should totally do the fleur de lis background, I’d love to see it! I have such a hard time doing those for some reason.

  5. Meg says:

    I haven’t tried any of the new WnW polishes – one of them really jump out at me. I do like this color, though, and I like what you did with the mani.

  6. I haven’t tried these, but that is a gorgeous blue!!

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