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April 23, 2012
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Whooooosh there goes Monday!  Sorry for not getting this posted earlier today — I really should know better than to schedule any personal stuff on a Monday since it’s notoriously a whack-a-mole day work-wise.  Better late than never though, right?

First, the mani.  I’ll tell ya, this one drove me a little bonkers.  I actually started it last Friday, and even got to the point of sealing it down, but wouldn’t you know I went and knocked my hand against the counter and completely wrecked most of the nails.  It’s kind of funny now how upsetting that was, but I’ve gotten over it in the days since — and frankly, round two turned out a lot better than the first one, so it was probably for the best.  Instead of challenging myself over the weekend I hunkered down over a bunch of swatch sticks from Hong Kong and started plowing through my collection — good gravy this is going to take awhile.  I’m about half way through I think, and am sure it will be worth it once I’m done; instead of playing hunt and peck to find the right polish (they’re currently stashed in three different locations in the house, it’s an organizational nightmare) I can just refer to the sticks and see what’s up.

polish swatches

ANYWAY, back to the mani.  I had been chatting with Mani Curiously… via Twitter a couple of weeks ago and the seed was planted to do Pin Up Girl nail art — her hubby is in the US Navy, I love me some Sailor Jerry flash art, and last week was Navy week in New Orleans: it all seemed like a slam dunk.  The base on this is three coats of OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh from the Holland Collection; could have done it with only two, but I have a harder time with these more nude/near-flesh-toned polishes of telling where I’ve got a good cover so erred on the safe side.  Once that dried I used my Frankensteined MASH brush (cut off all but two bristles) to go in and start painting the ladies in acrylic.  And convinced myself somewhere along the way that I needed to walk around with my arms tucked over my head more often, because obviously that’s a totally alluring look.  Like I said, the second stab at this went a lot better than the first and aside from a few flubs I’m pretty happy with how it turned out — it’s nice to see too that I’ve gotten a little better technical-wise since my last Sailor Jerry inspired mani, so hooray progress!

Pin Up Girl Nails

Sailor Jerry Pin Up Girls

pinup nails

Sailor Jerry

pinup nail art

girls nail art

Annnnnnnd finally…. the big winner of the MASH contest is….  :: drumroll ::

 Nicole B. S.

Full names changed to protect the innocent etc. (plus I admit I kinda like the abbreviated version),
check your email so I can get your address

Thank you all so much for participating, I’m sorry that everyone couldn’t be a winner — but really, do yourself a huge favor if you’re into this stuff and drop the $10 to buy the brush kit, you won’t be disappointed (plus they’re still doing the free shipping).  And big thanks again to Team MASH for sponsoring such a great giveaway — y’all are the best!

(out the door shortly but I’ll catch up on comments and emails and whatnot later tonight, pinky swear)

25 Responses

  1. mousiemomma says:

    omg, i LOVE these SO much!! i love pin ups! you have just inspired me to give pin ups a go on my nails too! you did such an awesome job! (sorry about all the exclamation points, i’m just seriously that excited about these lol)

    • the nerd says:

      Yay! Totally can’t wait to see them, keep me posted! The girl at the grocery store that checked me out tonight couldn’t stop giggling, so that was fun. If only they had pin up dudes… ;)

    • gypsylvia says:

      wait….you hand painted those pinup girls on??

  2. Cher M says:

    That is beyond awesome! Me and the husband are huge tattoo lovers so this is fabulous! So wish I had a tenth of your talent! Great job!

  3. Yuetiva says:

    These are amazing!

  4. Enjeliqua says:

    OMG I can’t wait for my husband to see these tomorrow! They turned out so awesome!! Now…. you need some pin ups a-la Betty Page! ~Mani Curiously E (not Dom lol)

    • the nerd says:

      When he sees it be sure to slowly drawl “hellooooooo sailor!” I should definitely whip out some Page nails when I bring my own bangs back (gets so dang humid down here that bangs are a disaster in spring/summer, especially when you bike everywhere)

  5. E just linked me to this page and I must say that I am super impressed! These look awesome and I am so happy that you did them as quickly as you did! E was just telling me about your convo regarding this mani last week! She is so excited about it…to bad her husband is asleep on the couch or I am sure that she would have shown him already! Thank you so much for the mention and the link! You are awesome!

    • the nerd says:

      It’s ok, I was asleep on the couch too — Monday was a good night for it! And thank you! I really love it when an idea or request comes in from a guy, proving that this stuff isn’t just for the ladies, you know? Gender awesomeness and all that. :)

  6. Helga says:

    OMG are you insane?? Yes, that’s me screaming at you again. These nails kind of blew my mind. I think that you secretly have gigantic nails, there is no other explanation for this awesomeness. Or is there.. Haha. Yes I am weird in the morning but these nails rock really hard :D

    • the nerd says:

      hahaha I mean… probably. ;) My hand is about the size of a miniature pinscher’s head, is that a good base of reference for scale? (thank you darlin’)

  7. Mnemo says:

    These.are.amazing!!! I can totally understand that you were upset about ruining the first batch. Must’ve taken ages to paint these! :)

    • the nerd says:

      Thank you! I’m actually getting quicker, which is awesome! I think it has to do with being a little more confident with my lines — instead of doing everything in little tiny strokes to make sure paint stays where it should I find that I’m using more fluid strokes lately, which is cutting down on the time to get these done overall… Still, definitely eats up a couple hours all said and done.

  8. Irma says:

    These nails are awesome! I wish I could do something like that.

    • the nerd says:

      Thanks Irma! (love your name btw, my great grandmother was named Irma and probably one of the most wonderful people to ever be related to) Come on down to Nola and I’ll teach you a few tricks :)

  9. Kayleigh says:

    These are SOO awesome! Wicked paint job!

  10. Angie says:

    I am so impressed with your skill!!! You can’t go wrong with pinups… I just can’t imagine how you got so much detail onto your nails! I love them!

  11. Aslı says:

    Wait a minute…this was the manicure you destroyed and did twice?! (I must have understood wrong) Oh my god…o_o

  12. pamela says:

    i love this mani!!!!! simply because i love pin up girls, you’re the best i love ur blog :D

  13. L says:

    This is beautiful.

  14. the nerd says:

    Aw thanks ladies! Who knew pin up girls would be so fun?! Y’all make me smile real big, thanks for the love :)

  15. Neat! says:

    LOL I love these- and nice remark about “Pin Up Men”

  16. Claire says:

    This is so amazing like crazy amazing! I mean how on earth is that possible???? You are extreemmmmeeellllyyyy talented!!

  17. the nerd says:

    You guys are the sweetest, thank you! :D

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