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October 20, 2011
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I know there are a lot of purple glitter polishes making waves right now (Facets of Fuchsia anyone?) but this Nails Inc Bloomsbury Square 3D glitter nail polish is so purdy I had to bring it out to play.  The base is a transparent purple so as a standalone you’ll need to build it up for a solid finish (I did 3 coats here), but it could easily be used as a glittery coat over another color to add some blingy goodness.  The polish is crammed with pink and purple glitters — not sure if this is why they’re calling it 3D (it’s not a holo, but I guess the 3D is supposed to be the layering of the glitter bits) but still super pretty.  Between the 2nd and 3rd coats I put a couple of black swipes near the tips so you can get a sense of how thin a single layer is.  Also, if you pick this number up be sure to use it in a well ventilated area; stuff stinks to high heaven, it’s really strong.

purple glitter nail polish

Nails Inc Bloomsbury Square

Nails Inc glitter polish

purple glitter manicure

9 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    I was going to ask what made this polish 3D…maybe that the glitter is kinda chunky? I dunno. Either way, it’s pretty. But it drives me crazy to have a bumpy polish on. KWIM?

  2. Shalon says:

    It is very pretty. I can’t imagine what it will be like to get off though. lol!

  3. Maria says:

    It’s a purple galaxy! *_*

  4. rock-or-not says:


  5. the nerd says:

    It’s a pretty glitter! Meg, the top isn’t actually all that bumpy with the topcoat (probably even better with two) — you can sort of see the surface of the topcoat in the shaded photo, I think it’s the layering of the glitters that makes it look super chunky/choppy… and yeah, DEFINITELY not super fun to take off, those glitters are not friendly.

  6. Nail says:

    wow, it looks super pretty!

  7. Mel says:

    where did you get the glitter polish? i LOVE it!! my daughter would freak…shes a purple head lol…did you use the foil method to get the glitter off? since i do that now i never have any trouble getting glitter off, thank goodness! lol

  8. Katie says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve been trying to resist this shade but your pictures aren’t helping! :)

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