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January 19, 2012
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As a Rocky Mountain-raised girl there’s a part of me — a very small, infrequently charged part — that sees all of the winter snowstorm reports flying around and misses a really good blizzard.  Especially at night.  There was something so beautifully quiet as a kid, laying in bed with the window shades drawn up to watch fat white flakes drift past.  It made the world sparkle and felt a little magical, and while I don’t miss a lot of the grown up stuff about snow (shoveling, heating bills, wrecking shoes and asses) I’m crazy nostalgic right now for a silent snowy night.

So I made my own, dangit!  The base on this is OPI Ski Teal We Drop (seemed appropriate), one of those deeply rich colors that can almost be a one coater but is best used in two.  Once that completely dried I went in for something like four rounds of really light sponging using Kleancolor White, added a few dots for exaggerated snowflakes and then stippled with the brush at the tip to make solid snowy drifts/forms (truly, you know you’re in a mountain range when you open your front door and the wind has whipped a 10′ wall into the rectangle that used to be your entryway).  It’s pretty simple stuff and gets noticed out and about — try it on!

Snowy Dream Nails

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

snow nail art

snow nails

22 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    LOL you are SO right about the kid and grown-up perspective – and I really like your own little nail-snow-storm. I have done something similar using China Glaze Blue Year’s Eve :)

  2. Kayono says:

    Beautiful! It really looks like snow at night. I wish we had some snow here… I would even shovel snow and walk to work if there just were a few days of snow :D

  3. rock-or-not says:

    So cute!!
    I love this mani!!

  4. Nail Stories says:

    Your sponging is really good! Very beautiful mani!

  5. Aren says:

    Even as an adult, I love being in the car when it’s snowing. The whole warp-speed effect still thrills me. : )

    Cute design. You’re much better at the whole sponging thing than I am.

  6. Becca says:

    I love this!

  7. Something Polished says:

    This is awesome!

  8. Kejal says:

    these r sweet! I love a clear night sky

  9. Angie says:

    I LOVE this! Right now in the Seattle are we are having snowstorm weather. While it was nice the first and second day, I’m kinda tired of it now! It’s now all turning to slush, and that’s the worst!

    Will have to try this mani!

  10. Hannah says:

    Beautiful design! I was just thinking to myself that I needed a good nail design for January snow. I’m glad to see that someone still likes the snow (I live in a town where people really hate the snow!).

  11. Meg says:

    Ugh. I hate you. No, I don’t hate you, I am just totally jealous of our skillz. This looks so good!! And I know if I give it a go, it won’t turn out anything like this.

  12. Kayleigh says:

    Soo pretty and magical looking!

  13. nail crazy says:

    love your snow mani… just feeling little bit chilly from it ;-D

  14. rins says:

    I love this! Your gradient is great!

  15. Misch says:

    this looks so so pretty! It’s just stunning! great job :)

  16. Quixii says:

    Very pretty! I like how at it’s base it’s just a simple gradient, but you somehow transformed it into a winter wonderland. :)

  17. DalaLuz says:

    A really pretty do that I might actually be able to manage myself, yeah :D I do love the magic of snow!

  18. the nerd says:

    Haha thanks ladies! Snow really *is* lovely, isn’t it? I mean, as long as you don’t have to do anything/go anywhere. Somebody go throw a snowball or sled down a hillside for me will ya? :-D

  19. Katie says:

    Very beautiful! I love the idea of a snowy manicure!

  20. Theresa says:

    I love this– it’s so pretty and peaceful-looking. I’m from New England, and I know exactly what you mean about snowfall. :)

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