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October 9, 2011
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So here’s what happened:  I finally got my Seche Vite Restore thinner and the first project was to try to recover the Art Club Black striper.  As the most overused color in my lexicon, it makes sense that the black striper would go first… as you’re using these stripers everything is drying out, redipping and shaking only carries the bottle so far, and this one got decidedly globby about a month ago.  I put like 12 drops of the thinner in a half-empty bottle (that should do it, right?!!) and started going to town with the spiderwebs on my nails, but after a few swipes I noticed the polish was starting to seize up again and was getting really inconsistent.  I’d drop it back in the bottle, shake the hell out of it, do a couple more lines… repeat… repeat… net result, I’m tossing this striper, it seems to have gone beyond the point of no return and really I can get the same effect using regular polish and the long striper nail art brush.  Farewell, adieu, you were wonderful while ya lasted!  (Oh, and the base is 2 coats of China Glaze Electric Pineapple, which I think perfectly straddles that middle ground between yellow, lime green and neons.)

spiderweb nails

China Glaze Electric Pineapple

web nail art

Halloween nails

12 Responses

  1. perfect for halloween!

  2. Olivia C. says:

    It looks so perfect!

  3. Shaina says:

    That looks incredible! I love your color choice by the way. (:

  4. Kelly says:

    These are awesome! I want to try these:)

  5. Tyne says:

    That’s sucks that the thinner didnt work I guess aren’t salvageable, love the spiderwebs though they came out really good.

  6. Tyne says:

    Sorry I left the word *some* out

  7. Angie says:

    This reminds me of Spiderman, lol! I like it!

  8. Wow! Your webs are awesome! Great color choice too!

  9. rock-or-not@hotmail.fr says:

    So cool!
    Perfect for halloween!

  10. Maria says:

    OOOooooh, I’m gonna use this in an accent nail in a Halloween mani soon!

  11. Alexis says:

    Your freehand is amazing!

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