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May 16, 2012
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Last month Marra sent in a request for Team RumBelle nails — I confess I wasn’t familiar with the term, though apparently it’s awfully big on Tumblr — from the ABC show Once Upon A Time.  I watch that show too (let’s face it, the tv is nearly always on around here, it’s good background noise for work) and enjoy the characters of Rumplestiltskin (played by Robert Carlyle (hello you wonderful Scottish man, you)) and Belle (played by Emilie de Ravin, a.k.a. the Australian pregnant girl from LOST), so this was one I was looking forward to knocking out.  And had hoped to do so before the season finale (no spoilers!  The last episode is still sitting on my DVR) but, you know, time goes WHOOOSH and everything.

I started off with a three coat base of Deborah Lippmann’s Ray of Light — gorgeous.  I’d picked it because it seemed the most romantic of the colors left on my counter that needed testing, and it didn’t disappoint; lovely indigo base with little holo flaky business, I had to take a picture of it by itself before going in and painting all over it:

Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light

And then came the acrylic paint.  Chipped teacup on the pinky, Rumplestiltskin on the ring, a stained glass rose on the middle and Belle on the index.  Not gonna lie, the profiles were hard, and done around 4am today by a craft light, but you’ve got to practice to get better at things!

Team RumBelle Nails

ABC Once Upon A Time

Rumplestiltskin nail art

Once Upon A Time nail art

Emilie de Ravin nails

Robert Carlyle nails

It’s also impossible for me to read/type/see “Once Upon A Time” without thinking of the Moody Blues song, “Your Wildest Dreams“.  Anybody else out there get their wires crossed on this one too?

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  1. It’s gorgeous, so well painted!!

  2. nail crazy says:

    now i’m gonna faint *.*
    this is incredible!!!

  3. the nerd says:

    Haha thanks ladies! I’ve got some smellin’ salts somewhere if ya need ‘em. ;)

  4. Neat! (Olivia) says:


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