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November 29, 2012
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I know a do a lotta doodle nails, but hear me out on this one: it may actually be one of my oldest regular doodlebugs.  This little triangle pattern started some 20 years ago (jeez that’s forever ago, am I that old?!) when I was working at Cafe Euphrates in Denver.  Back before Facebook and texting, we did this thing where people actually socialized in person, and in the early 90s the bulk of that was done at coffee houses.  I had the great distinction of working incredibly insane hours at this Middle Eastern cafe turned cheap late night flannel-bombed meeting ground, where (as long as you ordered at least one food item if you intended to stay til closing) you could kick back and take in some painfully overworked poetry readings or watch your friends work out their best Eddie Vedder schtick (lucky me, I lived with one of these boys (Dale, where you at kid?!), so even after my work shift was over I could still look forward to the entirety of Pearl Jam’s Ten album done acoustic at home til dawn… repeat ad nauseam) — though to be fair, bits of great music swirled around this place too, like some of the early elephant 6 workings.

Anyway!  The money was crap, the owner was a misogynist whip-cracker, and there was something about the smell of hummus mixed with burnt lattes that tortured my olfactory system on the regular… but it was a job, and rent wasn’t getting paid by me being cute.  So on the slower nights (and certainly when the owner wasn’t paying attention) I’d crack open my journal and doodle these little triangles with whatever colored pen I happened to be using that night.  Over and over and over.  It was like a little mental timeout between caterwauling and barked directives that let me shut down my brain for a hot second and get lost in mindless minutae (pictured below, an actual page from that bygone-grunge chapter of my life).

So a little nod to long lost, here are a few of those random triangles in black acrylic on a base of OPI The World Is Not Enough.  This was a tricky color; as hue and sparkle go, totally brilliant.  The formula was monkeying with me a bit though… when I’d first applied it, I think I waited maybe 15mins before putting on the second coat, which I soon realized was sort of “melting” the first layer, making for an uneven cover pattern.  My standard fix for this sort of pickle is to throw more polish at it, so a half hour later I went for a third coat; same net effect, I still had some weird streaking/melting going on, so that parts of the nail were stacked with bling and others were playing see-through to my nail bed.  Annoying, so I took it all off, put a single coat on, let it set for 2 hours, *carefully* went in with a second, let it dry for an hour, slept on it, and followed with a third the next morning.  That seemed to work, though I still think you can sort of tell where I wrapped the tips on the second pass.  Could just be that I got a funky bottle (don’t want to go getting the OPI brigade up in arms over this!) but, you know, I’m sorta nuts for even coverage, quick drying, and anything that can be done in two coats or less…. so if I was working with a 5 star system, this puppy would probably get a 3 for the trouble.

triangle nail art

OPI The World Is Not Enough

triangle nails

triangle manicure

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3 Responses

  1. Krystin says:

    I am wearing this colour right now and had the SAME problem with the application. I simply don’t want to spread my application over two days…. who has time for that?? If anyone has a fix I am all ears because I love the colour but I am not sure I would wear it again.

    • admin says:

      Oh good (I mean, not GOOD, but…) glad to know it wasn’t just me! I’m sort of wondering if it won’t glob up a little bit with age, sort of like a reverse paint thinner, where it’ll get thicker/more opaque for the density of it.

  2. Helga says:

    Lovely story! Not lovely like it was lovely for you but I could imagine it and the feeling of it. Anyways! :P I like the pattern. On your index it kinda looks like cartoony diamonds.

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