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March 12, 2012
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Remember, remember the 5th of November, the gun powder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot…

So if this week goes anything according to plan I’m going to be clearing some decks — starting with a request!  I got this one last month (around Mardi Gras madness — if anybody sent an email during that marathon of crazy, that’s about where I am on the list so yours should be coming up soon) asking for a V for Vendetta manicure, which worked out perfectly since I’ve been wanting to practice lettering more.  The round characters are still killing me, but I’m getting there.

Neat trick I figured out though: since I’m painting with acrylic, it dries really fast and will flake/scratch if you futz with it at all.  On the rounded letters — the R, O and Gs especially — I blew out some of the curves and holes trying to use the long detail brush (turns out that short, 2-3 bristle brush was the way to go here).  But using the pointy end from my dotting tool set (if you’ve got it, it’s the one with the white ribbon threaded through it and just a point, no ball) I was able to go in and scratch out some of the areas where I screwed up to rope the lettering back into place.  Neat!

Anyway!  Put the red rose framed in a black shadow on the pinky (easy as ever, love doing these flowers — there’s a quick tutorial for them if you haven’t seen it yet), a shadowy version of V on the ring (again, stupid easy, just a black shape with some grey hilights), V with the Guy Fawkes mask on the middle, and the Orwellian “Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith” slogan that’s plastered all over the city with, of course, the V tag on the index.  That’s a lotta V.  And not the True Blood kind.

The middle finger is straight acrylic, the ring and pinky have Kleancolor Metallic Black in the background (with some Kleancolor Silver sponged in like a street light for contrast on the ring), and the sign on the index finger uses sponged Color Club Soft As Cashmere and China Glaze Knotty for the uneven coloring of old weathered paper… with some sparkles, because I can.  :)

In all, pretty happy with how it turned out!  I think having one nail that was really challenging and then a couple that were ridiculously easy helped balance the effort and make it more fun than struggle, you know?

V for Vendetta Nails

Guy Fawkes manicure

Color Club Soft As Cashmere

V for Vendetta manicure

Strength Through Unity Unity Through Faith

movie manicure

13 Responses

  1. Kaki says:

    First off OMG that manicure is A-MAZING. The face on your middle finger is perfection. I can’t even draw that well on paper let alone a nail! Absolutely unreal.

    Second, do you I’ve been trying to “follow” you for the past few days and I just now figured out how to get you on my google reader. Jeezums. I feel like a stalker. But I’m glad I figured it out because you’re at the top of my list of places to make sure I see!

    • the nerd says:

      Awww thanks Kaki, you’re gonna make me blush! I started nitpicking it this morning when I woke up — “the mustache could be more even on the right, the eyes aren’t totally even, blah blah blah” — and then I was all, “girl, shut up, it’s rad!” (I don’t know what’s worse, talking to myself or the dogs)

      Yay glad you figured it out! I’ve got all those buttons up on the sidebar that click through to most of the profiles/sites set up for Nail Nerd. FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Bloglovin and Google+ all get links to the daily content added; I figured between those platforms, plus the RSS, hopefully everybody’s favorite medium is covered. The twitter account gets some random chatter/musings/pictures but all the real content and pictures will always be here at nailnerd.com.

  2. Maria says:

    You did SO well, I really like the way you gave the face detail!

  3. nail crazy says:

    wow… just wow *.*

  4. Wow thank you! That was the best interpretation ever of my nails!

    Your v-for-vendetta-nails are gorgeous too, it looks exactly like him!

  5. Helga says:

    AWESOME! Yes I needed caps for that one. I especially love the shadowy silouette. I wish I could do something like this :S

  6. Michelle says:

    Your nails are just totally amazing, you are so imaginative! Absolutely love them! I have just started my own nail blog which I hope in time will be as good, I am going to keep practising. In the meantime, please keep up the nail art – you’re an inspiration to us nail nerd followers!

    Michelle xx


    • the nerd says:

      Oh goodness you’re gonna make me blush! Thanks Michelle. :) I will absolutely check out your site, congrats on your new blog!

  7. mousiemomma says:

    these are AMAZING!! i love them! you’re so talented!

  8. Gottwinkies says:

    That mani is downright wonder-evil!! Fabulous job on the face AND lettering!

  9. Zola says:

    OMG that the best nail art EVER!!!!!

  10. the nerd says:

    Thank you ladies! I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out… and cool to think that a year ago I wouldn’t have even dared try it, so yay learning!

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