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February 14, 2012
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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  Hope y’all have something planned that’s low-stress and high-fun.

I had to do *something* romantic-ish for today’s mani, so I started with a three coat (oh yeah, it needed it) base of Mattese Elite Dirty Slut — I swear I didn’t even look at the name til just now, it was one of the untried buggers that I needed to get off the counter.  Once all that dried, I added some newspaper print transfer from the Gambit and then drew in some little conversation hearts with acrylic.  That didn’t totally work for me but whatever, they’re cute!

Valentine Love Letter Nails

Mattese Elite Dirty Slut

conversation hearts

heart nails

Valentine manicure

Also, just switched to a different camera for these (you may have noticed in past pictures a creeping black fuzz at the bottom; that black bar is now right in the middle of every picture taken, so that’s awesome, thanks Sony!  Because don’tcha know I already shipped this back to them to fix it and… it’s still/more f*cked) so bear with me a bit while I figure out the sweet spot settings on the Nikon.  These pics came out a little more yellow than normal (I did color correct on the polish so that was accurate to what I was seeing, it’s really a sort of muddy-mauve/purple color) so it looks like the Nikon outdoor color setting isn’t the same as Sony.  One to grow on.

(ps I still hate letters — practice better make perfect dangit!)

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  1. KarenD says:

    Great take on a Valentine’s mani–that you used Dirty Slut is just too funny!

  2. Maria says:

    Very nice – and I love the then name coincidence :)

  3. Hey, that’s fun, we had pretty much the same idea of a love letter for valentine’s :D

    Check out my version here: http://honmednaglarna.blogg.se/2012/february/love-letter.html

    Though I love your little conversation hearts, wish I’d thought of that. And yes, the “dirty slut” was hilarious! ^^

  4. Caroline says:

    Woot loveeeeeee the love letters! When I tried something like this the ink didn’t transfer that well :( I guess it’s time to try again!!! :)

  5. the nerd says:

    I know right? Dirtiest name, I love it, and totally an accident! (I honestly didn’t even look at the name on the bottle til I had to draft up the post.) The acrylic went off the rails but today I’m not punishing myself for stuff so it is what it is. Hope y’all are having a love-filled night!

  6. You are seriously too clever!!!

  7. mousiemomma says:

    love this! never thought of putting a design over the newspaper transfer…you’re so clever!

  8. Erika says:

    So cute! I have still never done a newspaper mani even though I’ve always wanted to!

    I totally know what you mean about trying to learn a new camera’s settings too! I got one for christmas and I am still not sure I have the best settings for my pics! Yours look great so far, as usual! :)

  9. Glossy Lala says:

    Great nails and original!!!:)))
    Would you like to follow each other??
    Kisses xxxx

  10. My computer has refused to let me on your site for like a month!! :( Apparently it’s not going to be a jerk today, though. So… I LOVE this design! I’m always so excited to get to eat some conversation hearts, then I’m reminded that they’re barely a step above eating chalk, and that’s the end of that for a year. ^.^

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