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December 30, 2012
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… and that’s the end of another Saints season.  Honestly, I’m way more into the fanfair and revelry than the game itself, but it’s all part of the same gumbo in this town.  It’s Saints Nation.  I realized this morning that a) I’ve never painted an OFFICIAL New Orleans Saints manicure, b) it was the RETURN OF SEAN PAYTON DANGIT, and c) I haven’t done a New Orleans manicure in a beat.  All three alone deserved some attention, but together?  Had to be done.

So I started with a three coat base of China Glaze Swanky Silk (really wanted to use a different gold polish, but I just used it a couple of weeks ago, this was my unused pinch-hitter).  It’s ok.  I’m not crazy about it.  Maybe mostly because I had some bubbling issues in a real way (you know how you notice little bubbles as it’s setting and then press down with your thumb to flatten them out, but then you’ve got a thumbprint in your semi-dry polish and have to give it another light pass?  yeah, that.), and if I hadn’t painted all over it you’d notice some streaky business too.  But it *is* a pretty color, and I could paint over whatever little blotches I’m not psyched on, so I soldiered on.

AND DID SAINTS NAILS.  Oh yes I did.  See, I started painting them during the 1st quarter of the game, then worked on some Muses shoes for the 2nd and 3rd (or rather, I worked on ONE shoe while my locomotive friend powered through four — you’re a rockstar lady, true fact), and sat yelling at my tv for the last part of the 4th. So. Stupid. Close. Almost could’ve maybe happened.  But I worked through it with some acrylic paint, a bit hastily if I’m honest (had to take the pictures in sunlight and I was chasing the sun the whole time, eventually battling with a squeaky window and a free boob show for the neighbors to make some of these happen), and painted on some New Orleans Saints goodies on my nails.

Pinky: An owl in black, gold and white cuz WHO DAT y’all
Ring: My best stab at the New Orleans Saints logo (I am still frustratingly wonky with the fleur de lis, it’s shameful)
Middle: Sir Saints/Charlie Saint (I guess both are correct?)
Index: WHO DAT NATION in the state of Louisiana

I have to go to drop in on some Louisiana State and New Orleans Parish offices tomorrow and am quietly giddy about flouncing in with these on my nails, not gonna lie.

New Orleans Saints nails

China Glaze Swanky Silk

Who Dat nail art

Who Dat Nation nail art

Saints Nation nail art

PS, Never forget.  It’ll happen again (make it so, Payton — TWO DAT!).

PPS, this was my 600th manicure on the site. Hot dang!

12 Responses

  1. Cher Marsino says:

    Pure Awesomeness! As a native New Orleanian, this makes me very happy to see. Your skills are beyond fabulous!

  2. admin says:

    Yay Cher, I’m glad you dig ‘em! That game today was way painful (and my friend was over here telling me all about the Payton conspiracy re: not having a host team for the Super Bowl being a factor) but I’m really excited to think that next year they’ll be so full of fighting spirit that the championship will be ours and the town will erupt again, and it’ll be the best start to the new year. Even if that last parade was stupid cold and I couldn’t feel my feet/legs/fingers and got punched. GEAUX SAINTS!

    • Cher Marsino says:

      I agree about today’s game, hard to watch but like you.. Definitely pumped for next year and can’t wait to see us champs again. I was not living in Nola to have gone to the parade but moved a lot closer now!(Waveland MS),so will definitely be there in 2014! I’m so sorry to hear you we’re punched?!?! That’s crazy! I hope you got a good one in to them!!

      • admin says:

        Right?! I dunno, when my friend brought up the whole conspiracy to keep Payton out — who knows. It’s all about money in this game, and if we’re already here they miss out on millions of dollars in tourist revenue, so it kinda makes sense… but then you reference all the other sports witchhunts (see: Lance Armstrong) and who the hell knows.

        But yeah, next year. In a big way. The last Super Bowl parade was so friggin weird — everybody had been standing around for HOURS (because, you know, NOLA time, everything’s late) so it was cold and mobbed, and we were over by Harrah’s and near a bunch of tourists that were jockeying for space near the street (that weird thing where they overstep your stride to get in front). I shrugged it off, but then one of the dude’s hauled up and punched me in the gut about 5 floats in trying to get more catching space and at that point I was so cold and over it, I just walked back a block to calm down so I wouldn’t get arrested for doing something drunk and stupid.

        It’s hard to get too upset when you know it’s tourists. They just don’t know how we do parades. You gotta be respectful and decent, and some of these nimrods roll in and think it’s tackle football everywhere. Not worth it. It’s cheap plastic junk (except for one of the players that was raining $100 bills, I totally missed that float).

  3. Cher Marsino says:

    You are better than me cause I would have not been able to hold it in if a tourist tried to tell me how to act at a parade in my town. People not having common courtesy is such a pet peeve of mine and the NERVE of him punching you. Sweet Baby Jesus, you are a strong woman, I may not have had guts to punch back but for sure some vile phrases would be coming out my mouth. Who knows with the conspiracy but I’m glad he will be back!

  4. admin says:

    Oh darlin trust, there was a moment where I was ready to wreck his little butt — but I took a minute and thought about it and the idea of being arrested/my dogs being left without food or someone to let them out for 24 hours was way more important than teaching that little jerk a lesson. It would’ve been easy, but it would’ve been messy, and it just wasn’t worth it. I just wanted to get back home with my buddies, happy and drunk hours later, so I let that little jerk slide. Of course my dude friend was up in arms when I told him later why I dipped out, but having him in jail for some tourist nonsense wouldn’t have helped either of us anyway. Sometimes you just gotta hedge your bets. In the end I just think it was ballsy: I’m a super tall and intimidating chick, if you’re nutso enough to step to this… you’re obviously so far beyond the pale that it isn’t even worth arguing about, you just STUPID.

    ….of course now I have more costumes, so wtf knows this year. ;)

  5. Cher Marsino says:

    Lmao, Hells yeah! I bet you’d be fun to hang around! You are definitely right about him not being worth it. I’m opposite of tall with I guess a Napoleon complex and hate when people assume can walk over cause of my small size. Never been arrested but wouldn’t put it out of a possibility if pushed. Hehehehe…

  6. Helga says:

    I learn new stuff all the time reading your blog :D Also, I should probably stop being surprised at your free hand skills but somehow I still am!

  7. Amy says:

    This is fabulous! LOVE your site, love your nola pride!! !:) WHO DAT BABY!

  8. These are too cool! Like all the detail…

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